Transgenders International Mix

Growing old, self discovery, parenting, work, police brutality.
Five fascinating short films from Singapore, Italy, Peru and USA that showcase aspects of the life of transgender people from all around the world.
Duration: 80 minutes

Queer Animation Shorts

Germany, Finland, USA, Croatia, Brazil, Taiwan and Israel are all going to be shown in the most colorful and versatile shorts collection of the TLVFest.
Queer history, everyday life, sex, love, trans and non-binary people and one octopus.
These are certainly not the animated films you’ll find in cinemas near you.
Duration: 80 minutes

Queer Docu Shorts


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Three fascinating films that bring unusual stories from all corners of the world.
A visit to Italy and a meeting with a colorful and unique community. The surprising story of South Korea’s erotic film theatres and a meeting with a multisexual nudist community.
Duration: 100 minutes

Commitment to Life

A fascinating and moving documentary that dives deeply into the real and complicated story of the Los Angeles fight against HIV/AIDS. This film was created by the legendary documentary director Jeffrey Schwarz, who had many of his films showcased at the TLVfest in the past, such as “I Am Divine”, “Boulevard! A Hollywood Story” and “Vito”. This film presents a thorough research of individuals and organizations that dedicated themselves to finding a cure for AIDS and dealing with the disease in the early 80’s, when the deadly virus began to spread. Doctors, activists and media personalities made major efforts to work in a society that wasn’t ready to accept the reality of this mysterious disease.

This documentary is full of heartbreaking moments, in-depth interviews and personal stories of celebrities such as Rock Hudson, Elisabeth Taylor and David Geffen. The film provides an intensive and extensive view of the influence of a world health crisis on everyone – from the most marginalized communities in Downtown LA to the rich and famous. “Commitment to Life” gives us an eye opening reminder that the fight with HIV/AIDS isn’t over, but at the same time offers a hopeful view of how people can make a profound change when they work together.

Chasing Chasing Amy

12 years old Sav Rodgers used to watch “Chasing Amy” repeatedly, and the film had changed his life forever. He developed an identification, maybe even an obsession, with the 1997’s hit which formed his queer identity. When Sav grows older he decides to produce and direct a movie that explores the role of “Chasing Amy” in the queer culture. He even manages to get the cooperation and support of Kevin Smith, the director of “Chasing Amy” and one of the most influential independent filmmakers of the 90’s. But as the production continues, Rodgers begins to realise the legacy of the original film is different than what he imagined and he discovers new things about himself, his relationship with his girlfriend and his gender identity.
Chasing Chasing Amy” is a cinematic celebration of queer culture and identity. A fresh new look on a complex bi classic, how the idea to make “Chasing Amy” formed, what went on backstage, what happened to the actors of the film after the major success and how all of that affected filmmaker Sav Rodgers.
Kevin Smith, the director and writer of the original film, gives Rodgers a free hand and talks openly even on the less glamorous moments of the process. Other notable appearances in the film include Joey Lauren Adams who played Amy, screenwriter and actress Guinevere Turner (well known from the classic lesbian film “Go Fish”) who was personally involved in the film and director Andrew Ahn (“Fire Island”)

20,000 Species of Bees

Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren’s increadible debut film entered the Berlin Film Fesitival’s official contest and earned its star – 10 years old Sofía Otero – Best Actress Award.

“20,000 Species of Bees” is a quaint family drama, its atmosphere can even be described as impressionist. The film was shot in the Basque region in northern Spain and follows the summer holiday of a mother and her three children. In their very traditional village, eight years old Lucia can no longer keep her secret inside.

Director Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren, in her debut full length film, creates a sunny and emotionally exposed drama. She takes her audience on an intimate journey with her heroines – the daughter, the mother, the grandmother and the rest of the women living and ruling the small Basque village. Those women are different and varied as the different species of bees.
Solaguren, who also wrote the script, handles the subject delicately and creates a natural feeling, almost a documentary one. The new up and coming actress Sofía Otero gives a gut wrenching performance that wouldn’t leave a dry eye in the audience.

In association with the Embassy of Spain

A Place of Our Own

Laila and Roshni are two transgender women who are looking for a new home after they were forced to evacuate their old apartment. Soon they discover this is also a part of their ongoing journey for recognition in a society that wants to push them to the fringes and not give them a chance to be part of ‘normal’ life, and live in a decent apartment. As the search for a new home continues, new friendships blossom and help is found in the most unexpected places.

“A Place of Our Own’
‘ is a special cinematic project, full of love and compassion that was created by the cinematic/social collective “Ektara Collective”. The film describes the hard reality of transgender women in India, but unlike other films in the genre, the result is full of optimism and hope.

Who I Am Not

In this gentle and moving documentary we discover the stories of Sharon-Rose who is entering the Miss South Africa beauty contest and of social activist Dimakatso, two very different people. There is one thing that is binding them together – they were both born intersex. Even though they come from completely different worlds they provide support for each other. They navigate their lives, between decisions and discoveries in their unique journeys, struggling with issues of identity, family relations, health, romance and eventually, self acceptance.

Romanian director Tünde Skovrán followed the lives of Sharon-Rose and Dimakatso for five years and the personal journey of her protagonists is unfolding on camera. The result is emotionally powerful and visually hypnotic. One of the producers of this film is Oscar winning actress Patricia Arquette.

The screening is in association with Project Gila & part of the earnings are a donation to the project.

Gila Project for Trans Empowerment (AKA Transgenders for Social Justice) was founded in 2010 by and for the transgender community. It began as an activist group working to change the lives of transgender people, with a focus on personal empowerment, advocacy for rights, and demanding access to resources and opportunities. The Project grew into a strong trans-led nonprofit that continues to uphold these values and goals, and works in the field of LGBTQ rights, human rights, and social justice.