Salty Water

Based on the experiences of director/screenwriter Henrika Kull, one of the more interesting queer filmmakers in Germany today (her film Bliss” was screened at the TLVfest 2021). This time her movie is set in Israel.
In “Salty Water” Kull describes the sexual tension between Anna, a young woman visiting Israel from Germany and Nuri, an Israeli man that she had just met through a mutual friend. For the last decade, until she met Nuri, Anna’s partner had been a woman. Feelings begin to emerge between the two as they decide to take refuge in Nuri’s parents’ deserted house in the mountains between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, in the middle of a military operation, when missiles are being launched at Tel-Aviv by the Hamas. The young couple spends two intense days by the pool protected by the ‘Iron Dome’, two days where feelings and secrets will be revealed.


Despite its name that suggests a relaxed and quaint piece, “Birder” is the perfect late night erotic thriller.
Kristian Brooks invades a queer nudist camp on the shores of a remote New Hampshire lake. While not wearing much, he makes friends with the locals, and his flirting disturbs the commune’s dynamics. When he seduces the naked men around him, they’re about to experience a lot more than they imagined.
Birder” explores the behavior of a serial killer and takes his audience on an unexpected journey. Director Nate Dushku provides a queer piece that celebrates diversity of nudity and tests the limits.
Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content, nudity and violence.

Poly Shorts Mix

Multisexual, bisexual, pansexual, polyamorous – these topics even the LGBTQ cinema hasn’t really explored yet in depth.
Here are some very well made short films on the subject – two from the USA, two from Poland and one from Ireland.
Duration: 85 minutes

Queer Docu Shorts


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Three fascinating films that bring unusual stories from all corners of the world.
A visit to Italy and a meeting with a colorful and unique community. The surprising story of South Korea’s erotic film theatres and a meeting with a multisexual nudist community.
Duration: 100 minutes

Lesbian International Mix 2

In China a lesbian has to fake a relationship with a gay man, meetings in museums and on trains turn into love stories, a search for a beloved sex toy, a daughter’s dilemma of how to come out to her mother and also, eggs.
Lesbian stories from China, Mexico, Spain, UK and Ukraine.
Duration: 80 minutes

Chasing Amy

Following Sav Rodgers’ wonderful documentary “Chasing Chasing Amy”, we had to screen Kevin Smith’s classic from 1997 (even though it didn’t age that well).
Is this film a lesbian fantasy of a straight man, or does it actually capture the nuances of a pansexual/bisexual identity better than many other films made even today?
A once in a lifetime performance by Joey Lauren Adams as the lesbian comic artist Ben Affleck’s character falls in love with (and she falls in love back). The film brings up questions about female sexuality and fluidity of sexual orientation that were ahead of their time back then and are still relevant today.
We highly recommend watching Sav Rodgers’ “Chasing Chasing Amy” which gives Smith’s classic film added layers and context.

Reaching for the Moon


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A screening for the film’s 10th anniversary

The year is 1951 and the poet Elisabeth Bishop is looking for inspiration. She leaves her New York home and travels to sunny Rio de Janeiro to visit her old school friend Mary Morse. Elisabeth, with her closed off personality and conservative upbringing, is finding it hard to get used to the Brazilian sensuality, and especially to Marys’ partner – architect Lota de Macedo Soares (who will later design the famous Flamingo Park in Rio). Lota’s cold welcome to Elisabeth soon melts and she tries to convince Elisabeth to move in with her and Mary to their large mansion. Mary is reluctant but Lota wants both women to herself.
Elisabeth Bishop’s emotional poems are the heart of the film that follows an important chapter in the life of Pulitzer award winner. The film showcases wonderful performances by the Australian actress Miranda Otto as Elisabeth and Brazilian telenovelas star Gloria Pires as Lota. Special mention goes to the elegant and on point periodic reconstruction.
The film is based on a book by Carmen L. Oliveira.

In association with the Embassy of Brazil

On the Go



The screening will be preceded by the short movie “In My Own Image”.

Imagine “Easy Rider” meets early Greg Araki films such as “Totally F***ed Up” and “The Living End” and pour over some hot and sassy Spanish passion and you’ll end up with the anarchistic creation by directors/screenwriters María Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro, starring Omar Ayuso (“Elite”) in a very daring role.
37-year-old Milagros is a young carefree woman in her last years of fertility, while 24-year-old Jonathan, her best friend, is obsessively looking for comfort on Grindr in order to overcome his separation anxiety. Milagros is looking for sperm, Jonathan just wants to run away after burning down a club. The two embark on a roadtrip where they will meet a mermaid, one night stands and criminals, all while listening to great music.
This is a film about contemporary young men and women who think they live in the age of free choice with unlimited options, but the truth is – the beginning of the 21 century freedom is nothing but an illusion.
The film was shot entirely on a 16mm camera.
Viewing is 18+ due to nudity and explicit sexual content.

In association with the Embassy of Spain

In My Own Image
Director, Script & Producer: Giuseppe Bucci
With: Mariano Gallo, Eva Grimaldi, Salvatore Langella
Italy, 2023, 12 min, Italian with English subtitles

Francesco fails to feel sorry for the death of his father, a homophobic and bigoted man mainly due to his religious upbringing. The son has never confessed his homosexuality to his father and, desperate, he makes a very strong gesture to shout his homosexuality to God, the Vatican and his father.