Renowned Portuguese director João Pedro Rodrigues’ new film was screened this year during the Director’s Fortnight event at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a queer musical full of humor, camp, sex and nudity.
In the not-so-near future (the year 2069), King Alfredo of Portugal, is reminiscing on his deathbed about his youthful, rebellious experience. It was a tough summer, the kingdom was consumed by massive wildfires and in those days Alfredo was a young, strong headed prince. He decides to join the fire brigade, to help with the national crisis, despite his family’s objections. In the field he has to deal with a tough commander who isn’t exactly welcoming, hunky firefighters who aren’t too thrilled with the royal addition – but Alfredo will also meet the love of his life and experiment with his most secret desires.
This is no doubt this year’s most fresh and light-hearted film by one of our time most intellectual and intelligent queer filmmakers.

The unique Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues was TLVFest’s guest in 2010 when we screened his films, amongst them the ground breaking “O Fortuna”(2000) and “To die like a man” (2009).

Viewing is 18+ due to nudity.

In association with the Embassy of Portugal

Sexy Gay Shorts

The sexy collection is back after a year’s absence. Seven films, among them a surprise- two Israeli short films that are going to turn the Cinematheque into an adult films cinema a-la randy 70’s and 80’s. Getting high on semen, playing with a dildo, the beauty and the beast adult version, a sexy car crash, two steaming threesomes – surprising and unexpected in two completely different films, as well as a JIZZ parties collection to make the evening even steamier. And all that on the big screen!
Get ready for an extremely horny 95 minutes.

All the films are restricted to 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.

Friday, 28/10 Midnight

Queer Animation

Short queer animation films from all over the world. Each one done in a different style of animation, with a different cinematic approach. The films deal with a variety of subjects, such as gender, sexuality, sexual identity, history, love and of course, the modern world’s obsession with dating apps and selfies.
Get ready for a thrilling and original 80 minutes.


3.11 – after screening Q&A with the director
4.11 – director in attendance.

German cinematographer and TLVFest favorite, Jürgen Brüning, delivers a shameless masterpiece that took 16 years to complete. He is mixing up pieces of his works as a director and producer (on films he produced for Bruce La Bruce and Shu Lea Cheang amongst others) and unreleased footage he has taken years ago, all wildly edited together. Brüning weaves into the narrative countless references to global pop culture.
Klappe” project (which means “public toilets” or “Tea rooms”) was written and partly filmed in 2006 and was shelved due to lack of time by the busy producer. The forced break from his work due to the COVID epidemic allowed Brüning and editor Jörn Hartmann to return to the ambitious project and finish it. In the time since the beginning of the project the two had grown up, developed and found new topics of interest. “Klappe” is an indescribable idiosyncratic film. An experimental queer cinema that is anti-religious, anti-authoritarian and somehow just anti everything! The result is subversive, pornographic, social, political, revolutionary and perhaps, mostly, a romantic musical that is nostalgic of the time when queer cinema was ground breaking and smashed conventions.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.