Down in Paris

One of the film genres that is a fond favorite of directors is the ‘director in an emotional crisis’ genre, going all the way from Fellini to James Franco. The gay angle is brought to us by director/actor Antony Hickling, in the role of Richard Barlow, a 40 years old filmmaker who is experiencing an unexplained anxiety attack on the set of his latest film, deserts the set and goes out to wander the Parisian night looking for answers, comfort and inspiration. During that sleepless night he experiences random meetings with strange characters and goes through a few disturbing, sexy and thought provoking events. Until dawn Richard will deal with his fears and doubts about his aspirations.

The independent, alternative director Antony Hickling is giving us his most approachable film yet. The result is a nightly odyssey of a 40+ man searching for meaning of life in downtown Paris.
Also starring Jean-Christophe Bouvet from “Emily in Paris”.
Viewing is 18+.


Renowned Portuguese director João Pedro Rodrigues’ new film was screened this year during the Director’s Fortnight event at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a queer musical full of humor, camp, sex and nudity.
In the not-so-near future (the year 2069), King Alfredo of Portugal, is reminiscing on his deathbed about his youthful, rebellious experience. It was a tough summer, the kingdom was consumed by massive wildfires and in those days Alfredo was a young, strong headed prince. He decides to join the fire brigade, to help with the national crisis, despite his family’s objections. In the field he has to deal with a tough commander who isn’t exactly welcoming, hunky firefighters who aren’t too thrilled with the royal addition – but Alfredo will also meet the love of his life and experiment with his most secret desires.
This is no doubt this year’s most fresh and light-hearted film by one of our time most intellectual and intelligent queer filmmakers.

The unique Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues was TLVFest’s guest in 2010 when we screened his films, amongst them the ground breaking “O Fortuna”(2000) and “To die like a man” (2009).

Viewing is 18+ due to nudity.

In association with the Embassy of Portugal

Sexy Gay Shorts

The sexy collection is back after a year’s absence. Seven films, among them a surprise- two Israeli short films that are going to turn the Cinematheque into an adult films cinema a-la randy 70’s and 80’s. Getting high on semen, playing with a dildo, the beauty and the beast adult version, a sexy car crash, two steaming threesomes – surprising and unexpected in two completely different films, as well as a JIZZ parties collection to make the evening even steamier. And all that on the big screen!
Get ready for an extremely horny 95 minutes.

All the films are restricted to 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.

Friday, 28/10 Midnight


Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween night, dripping with blood, puss and gore. “Swallowed” is the fascinating new nightmare by horror master Carter Smith (“The Ruins”, 2008), and please note – this is a one and only screening, so if you’re a Horror fan – this is a must!
Swallowed” is a Body Horror movie, it has a queer, hot and smart hero, whose dream is to become a successful porn star.
Right before Benjamin leaves his small town to go to L.A. to follow his dream, he is tempted to join his childhood friend Dom in what looks like an easy money scheme – all they have to do is take a package from the U.S.A to Canada. What they don’t know is that this is going to be their worst nightmare, when a violent criminal (Jena Malone, “The Hunger Games”) will force them to swallow strange packets full of weird bugs so they can cross the border safely without arousing suspicion. On the other side of the border they’ll meet horror films legend Mark Patton (“A Nightmare on Elm street 2: Freddy’s revenge”), in a particularly creepy role. Naturally, everything that could go wrong will go wrong, and the two friends will have to survive a horrible night of hell with a psycho and strange bugs inside them, that the only way to get out is…

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit nudity, graphic violence and other horrors.


It’s the Christmas holidays and Andy leaves town for a vacation with friends in a luxurious villa in the countryside. Spending time with a bunch of men is a new experience for him – there are moments of rest, friendship and teasing, but there are also games – macho games, boys games, where each one pushes his own personal boundaries.
Since his debut film “Plan B” (2009), Marco Berger became one of Latin America’s leading queer filmmakers. In his films he explores queer narratives, erotic fantasies, sexuality and gender. “Horseplay” keeps well with those themes and delivers a subservient and political film that describes masculinity in its most toxic and dangerous form.

Viewing is 18+ due to nudity, explicit sex scenes and violence.


Director in attendance

Will is a young artist who seems to have it all – a loving partner and a job in pottery that he loves despite his annoying boss. Unfortunately under his cool latino façade hides a dark past of violence and mental illness he is desperate to hide. When Will’s bi-polar mother gets in touch after years of silence, Will starts to experience inexplicable symptoms. After getting injured at work, Will gradually loses the use of his arms and something evil is lurking in the shadows. Will is becoming obsessed, determined to solve the mystery of his past. He begins to suspect his partner, loses control over his body and starts seeing a strange wolf figure whenever he’s in a crisis. Is he turning into his mother?
Hypnotic debut film by director Addison Heimann is a complex, exhilarating horror film depicting a violent journey into the soul of a man who is losing his sanity. Zach Villa is exceptional as Will.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit nudity and violence.

Neon Spring

Laine is 20 years old and loves techno rave parties. Her parents are each deep in their own world and barely speak to each other. Even though she lives with her father, she is the one taking care of her mischievous younger brother. Laine yearns to connect with her emotionally distant father, but mostly gets a cold shoulder. She finds release in the underground techno scene of Riga. There Laine meets young men and women who are just like her and even falls in love. The more things turn bleak at home, the more Laine gets swallowed by the party scene and puts herself and those close to her in danger.
Neon Spring” is a coming of age film about finding your place in the world, looking to belong and the desperate need for human connection. Even though the film deals with complex issues, its approach is fresh, daring and very surprising, considering its country of origin.
Portraying Laine is the very impressive Marija Luize Melke, who also co-wrote the script with director Matiss Kaza. The result is an unapologetic and complex youth experience.

Viewing is 18+ due to to scenes of sexual violence and drug abuse.

Director in attendance.

8 Years

Please be aware – the screening is NOT in Tel-Aviv Cinematheque.


Spanish dramatic comedy “8 Years” takes us to the breathtaking views of the Canary Islands and raises the question “How do you get over your true love? “.
Jose considers David to be the love of his life, but when David breaks up with him after eight years together, Jose is haunted by memories of their relationship. Those memories take him back to the place where the two met, and back to the past that wasn’t as ideal as he remembered.

Miguel Diosdado and Carlos Mestanza are wonderful as Jose and David, as well as guest appearances by the legendary Isabelle Torres (from the mini-series “Veneno”), in her last role before her death, and by the Netflix star Sergio Momo (“Elite”, “Welcome to Eden”, “The Neighbour”), who steals the show as a sexy mobster.

Viewing is 18+.

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Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger” is an intimate portrait of vulnerable masculinity, during an unstoppable romance.
An unexpected moment during a session with a new client confronts a psychologist with his inner world. For a long time he’s been feeling alienated and lonely in his relationship and perfect city life. For the first time his basic human nature bubbles up and he can’t control his desires, and that forces him to see what he doesn’t want to become in order to find out who he really is.
In his debut feature film, director Karel Tuytschaever deconstructs cinematic language and the media of picture and sound in order to create a unique and first of it kind cinematic experience.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit nudity.


Venzuelian director Hernan Jabes’ third film is a bold and surprising erotic psychological thriller.
In a country where political chaos reigns, a group of upper class privileged youth – Lolo, Caca, Eli and Alan, live carelessly amongst drugs, sex and petty crimes, until one day Eli is brutally murdered. 16 years later Alan is experiencing a beautiful romance with an author who specialises in unsolved murders. The memories start to resurface and the haze of drugs alcohol dissipates and reveals an unexpected truth.
Jezabel” is a film that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, with many surprising turns and twists and gives us a dazzling performance by Gabriel Agüero as Alan.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.