That’s Gila, That’s Me

The screening includes Q&A with the director.

Alon Weinstock’s documentary film has a cult following with fans who return annually; packing movie theatre to capacity for the sole purpose of enjoying Gila Goldstein’s zingers and being moved by the life story of one of Israel’s first trans women who was also a Tel Aviv icon-turned legend, while still live.
Gila was born as male in the 50s in lower Haifa. A young soccer player in Maccabbi Haifa who had always known that she is a woman. In her 20s she moved to Tel Aviv and worked as a prostitute and exotic dancer. In 2003 she was proclaimed the community’s darling for her contribution and continued fight for social justice.
The film, shot between 1997 – 2010, describes the world of a woman who is, despite fleeting years and many struggles, still happy, optimistic and feeling forever young. Because Gila is the one and only and in her own radical language: “That’s Gila, That’s Me.”

In memory of Gila Goldstein (18.12.1947 – 05.02.2017)

The Holy Closet

Israeli documentary series that follows religious LGBT people through important milestones in their lives.