Theater Camp

A particularly rowdy comedy produced by Will Farrell.

Summer starts and the best young talents from all over the USA gather for a summer camp in upstate New York, a camp that is entirely dedicated to theater. The kids that have their soul deeply embedded in musicals and dream of a career in the limelight aren’t aware that the camp is bankrupt. Camp’s legendary founder (Amy Sedaris) is in a coma in hospital and the running of the camp falls to her irresponsible son. Together with the children come the regular eccentric guides – a bunch of not very successful actors who are supposed to train kids that are much more talented than they are. The goal, as every year, is to create an original musical for the end of camp.
This is the first full length feature for actress Molly Gordon (“Shiva Baby”) and Nick Lieberman, and it celebrates the world of theater in a very authentic way. The kids and guides are in love with the magic of theater but need to find their own confidence from time to time.
A winning comedic ensemble, limitless creativity, crazy characters and plenty of wild and absurd situations will leave the audience crying with laughter – this is one summer camp you do not want to miss!

Fancy Dance

Following the disappearance of her sister, Jax – a woman with Native-American roots, kidnaps her niece from her white grandfather’s house, and together they embark on a journey to reach a traditional Native American dance ceremony where Jax’s missing sister used to dance.

The leading role is portrayed by Lily Goldstone, who is starring with Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s new film “Killers of the Flower Moon”. In “Fancy Dance” she plays a queer woman investigating the disappearance of her older sister while trying to convince the authorities to let her raise her niece according to their Native American culture rather than hand over the child to her estranged white father.

Erica Tremblay’s moving film incorporates several complex issues and manages to bring them to the silver screen in a very respectful and inspiring manner. She weaves into the family drama topics like queer identity, ethnic identity, women’s friendship and the fight for Native Americans rights in the U.S.A. This film also raises awareness of a very disturbing phenomenon – the disappearance of Native American women in the reservations.


International Gay Shorts

A set of six short films that give different perspectives on gay life, all in different genres – realistic, sexy, horror, crime and one surprising comedy.
The films in this mix come from USA, Germany, France and a Swiss/Colombian production.
Duration: 90 minutes

Chasing Amy

Following Sav Rodgers’ wonderful documentary “Chasing Chasing Amy”, we had to screen Kevin Smith’s classic from 1997 (even though it didn’t age that well).
Is this film a lesbian fantasy of a straight man, or does it actually capture the nuances of a pansexual/bisexual identity better than many other films made even today?
A once in a lifetime performance by Joey Lauren Adams as the lesbian comic artist Ben Affleck’s character falls in love with (and she falls in love back). The film brings up questions about female sexuality and fluidity of sexual orientation that were ahead of their time back then and are still relevant today.
We highly recommend watching Sav Rodgers’ “Chasing Chasing Amy” which gives Smith’s classic film added layers and context.

The Persian Version

Screening on the 28.12 will include an Awards Ceremony for winners of TLVfest 2023 competitions

Leila is a young New Yorker. She’s a lesbian and an Iranian-American and contains within herself the cultures of two warring countries. She tries to find balance and embrace what’s different and contradicting in her identity and combine it all together. Leila’s dealing with her conservative parents who are still clinging to their homeland traditions, while trying to celebrate her identity and the freedom New York offers. She loves to challenge the labels society is fast to pin on her. While her family reunites in New York for her father’s heart transplant, Leila is trying to separate her family life and personal life. She tries to keep as much distance as possible from her judgmental mother Shireen, but when the secrets start to unravel, the similarities between Leila’s life and her mothers’ become apparent.
The Persian Version” is colorful cinema that combines New York and Persian-Iranian humor, lively dances and a complex and chilling cross-generational story of women who decide to stay loyal to themselves and go against the traditions of their families and the society they grew up in. “The Persian Version” celebrates their stories and does that in an intelligent, fascinating and unapologetic way.


Thomas is a German filmmaker, who is under a lot of pressure towards his last day of filming in Paris. In the evening there’s a party to celebrate the end of shooting. Thomas starts the night dancing with his British husband Martin, but ends it in the arms of Agathe, a young preschool teacher. She falls under Thomas’ spell and what starts as a flirtatious dance ends up as a passionate and surprising night. The next morning Thomas openly tells his husband he’s slept with a woman which throws the couple into a whirlpool of emotions that will change their life.

New York based gay filmmaker Ira Sachs (“Married Life”, “Love Is Strange”, “Keep the Lights On”) brings to the big screen an achingly beautiful film full of passion, a film full of laughter and sorrow about an unlikely throuple in Paris. This film stars some of the finest young actors of our age – Franz Rogowski (“Great Freedom”), Ben Whishaw (“Atlas Cloud”, “Paddington”), Adèle Exarchopoulos (“Blue is the Warmest Color”) and Erwan Kepoa Falé (“Winter Boy”).
Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content.



After going through a gender affirming surgery it seemed easier for Feña to just cut every tie to his past and start fresh. Dealing with the changes he’s been through was bad enough, not to mention his family’s reaction. But when he runs into his ex-boyfriend and gets a surprise visit from his father and his little sister, life forces him to deal with the past.

Mutt” is the debut film of director Vuk Lungulov-Klotz who creates a cinematic piece full of compassion, intimacy and honesty, taking us through the journey of a man who tries to reconcile his past with his present so he could have a better future.

A special praise goes to the cast of previously unknown actors, which makes the viewing experience a real joy. Above all others shines transgender actor Lío Mehiel as Feña.

The screening is in association with Project Gila & part of the earnings are a donation to the project.

Gila Project for Trans Empowerment (AKA Transgenders for Social Justice) was founded in 2010 by and for the transgender community. It began as an activist group working to change the lives of transgender people, with a focus on personal empowerment, advocacy for rights, and demanding access to resources and opportunities. The Project grew into a strong trans-led nonprofit that continues to uphold these values and goals, and works in the field of LGBTQ rights, human rights, and social justice.