Blue Flower

A set of three fascinating short films from all over the world. Though they were made with low budget, they have a distinctive cinematic styles and showcase unique love stories from Nepal, India and Myanmar.
Duration: 90 minutes

Transgenders International Mix

Growing old, self discovery, parenting, work, police brutality.
Five fascinating short films from Singapore, Italy, Peru and USA that showcase aspects of the life of transgender people from all around the world.
Duration: 80 minutes

Poly Shorts Mix

Multisexual, bisexual, pansexual, polyamorous – these topics even the LGBTQ cinema hasn’t really explored yet in depth.
Here are some very well made short films on the subject – two from the USA, two from Poland and one from Ireland.
Duration: 85 minutes

Lesbian International Mix

A collection of six films dealing with different perspectives on lesbian life. Young women and mature, women who just came out, women in a mid-life crisis. Short films about discovery, journey, the end and also one hamster.
This set includes films from USA, Ukraine, Poland, UK and Hungary.
Duration: 85 minutes

Queer Animation Shorts

Germany, Finland, USA, Croatia, Brazil, Taiwan and Israel are all going to be shown in the most colorful and versatile shorts collection of the TLVFest.
Queer history, everyday life, sex, love, trans and non-binary people and one octopus.
These are certainly not the animated films you’ll find in cinemas near you.
Duration: 80 minutes

Queer Docu Shorts


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Three fascinating films that bring unusual stories from all corners of the world.
A visit to Italy and a meeting with a colorful and unique community. The surprising story of South Korea’s erotic film theatres and a meeting with a multisexual nudist community.
Duration: 100 minutes

International Gay Shorts

A set of six short films that give different perspectives on gay life, all in different genres – realistic, sexy, horror, crime and one surprising comedy.
The films in this mix come from USA, Germany, France and a Swiss/Colombian production.
Duration: 90 minutes

Lesbian International Mix 2

In China a lesbian has to fake a relationship with a gay man, meetings in museums and on trains turn into love stories, a search for a beloved sex toy, a daughter’s dilemma of how to come out to her mother and also, eggs.
Lesbian stories from China, Mexico, Spain, UK and Ukraine.
Duration: 80 minutes

International Drag Shorts

A set of unique and colorful short films celebrating the art of drag and the artists behind the make-up.
This mix contains films from Argentina, USA, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
Duration: 80 minutes