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Three fascinating films that bring unusual stories from all corners of the world.
A visit to Italy and a meeting with a colorful and unique community. The surprising story of South Korea’s erotic film theatres and a meeting with a multisexual nudist community.
Duration: 100 minutes

An Afternoon with Patrick Sarfati

An Afternoon with Patrick Sarfati” is exactly what it sounds like.
After a year of meetings and bonding, filmmaker Anthony Hickling and photographer Patrick Sarfati make the move. The moment of truth has arrived, getting a camera into the living room of the legendary stills photographer that began to document the LGBTQ community back in 1979 and focused mainly on LGBTQ artists and cultural icons. Sarfati’s living room is a stunning archive of photos from many decades, portraits of celebrities that hide fascinating stories and amusing anecdotes that he shares with glee. With some of his subject Patrick had a friendly relationships and sometimes even beyond – Keith Haring, Jeanne Moreau, Coccinelle, Bette Davis, Grace Jones, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Roland Barthes, James Baldwin, Tom of Finland, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more.
This is an intimate meeting with a very colorful and fascinating character that you’d love to spend an afternoon with.

Commitment to Life

A fascinating and moving documentary that dives deeply into the real and complicated story of the Los Angeles fight against HIV/AIDS. This film was created by the legendary documentary director Jeffrey Schwarz, who had many of his films showcased at the TLVfest in the past, such as “I Am Divine”, “Boulevard! A Hollywood Story” and “Vito”. This film presents a thorough research of individuals and organizations that dedicated themselves to finding a cure for AIDS and dealing with the disease in the early 80’s, when the deadly virus began to spread. Doctors, activists and media personalities made major efforts to work in a society that wasn’t ready to accept the reality of this mysterious disease.

This documentary is full of heartbreaking moments, in-depth interviews and personal stories of celebrities such as Rock Hudson, Elisabeth Taylor and David Geffen. The film provides an intensive and extensive view of the influence of a world health crisis on everyone – from the most marginalized communities in Downtown LA to the rich and famous. “Commitment to Life” gives us an eye opening reminder that the fight with HIV/AIDS isn’t over, but at the same time offers a hopeful view of how people can make a profound change when they work together.


From ‘That’s Wonderful’ productions by Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Grag Berlanti (“Love Simon” and DC comic TV shows) comes a series that explores the birth of the LGBTQ activist movement in the USA.

Episode 1: The birth of a movement
America of the 50’s sees homosexuals as illegal, sick and immoral. As a retaliation two gay and lesbian movements rise up and fight back. The LGBTQ rights movement begins!

Episode 2: Transgender pioneers
The 1966 Compton riots in San Francisco were led by a community of transgender women, drag queens and other people who don’t fall into regular gender assumptions. This episode brings the stories of three remarkable transgender people.

Episode 3: Black is beautiful, gay is good!
The joining of LGBTQ rights and human rights – fights on the national, local and personal levels. We meet three very different activists- Lorraine Hansberry, Bayard Rustin and José Sarria and learn of the first big LGBTQ protest (and no, it’s not the Stonewall riots)

Episode 4: Stonewall: From rebellion to liberation
The Stonewall riots- one fateful night that began a week long of riots that led to the modern LGBTQ movement. After a year of militant activity that changed history- the first Pride Parade went out to the streets.

Additional screening: Be’er Sheva Pride House

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