Transgenders International Mix

Growing old, self discovery, parenting, work, police brutality.
Five fascinating short films from Singapore, Italy, Peru and USA that showcase aspects of the life of transgender people from all around the world.
Duration: 80 minutes

Queer Animation Shorts

Germany, Finland, USA, Croatia, Brazil, Taiwan and Israel are all going to be shown in the most colorful and versatile shorts collection of the TLVFest.
Queer history, everyday life, sex, love, trans and non-binary people and one octopus.
These are certainly not the animated films you’ll find in cinemas near you.
Duration: 80 minutes

No Matter Where

When Itay discovers that his girlfriend changed her name to Silver and is coming out as gender fluid, his world shatters, testing their relationship.
No Matter Where” is an intimate docudrama about looking for acceptance and home, bridging the magical landscapes of Italy with the desert background of Neot Smadar.

After the screening, Q&A with the creators.


From ‘That’s Wonderful’ productions by Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Grag Berlanti (“Love Simon” and DC comic TV shows) comes a series that explores the birth of the LGBTQ activist movement in the USA.

Episode 1: The birth of a movement
America of the 50’s sees homosexuals as illegal, sick and immoral. As a retaliation two gay and lesbian movements rise up and fight back. The LGBTQ rights movement begins!

Episode 2: Transgender pioneers
The 1966 Compton riots in San Francisco were led by a community of transgender women, drag queens and other people who don’t fall into regular gender assumptions. This episode brings the stories of three remarkable transgender people.

Episode 3: Black is beautiful, gay is good!
The joining of LGBTQ rights and human rights – fights on the national, local and personal levels. We meet three very different activists- Lorraine Hansberry, Bayard Rustin and José Sarria and learn of the first big LGBTQ protest (and no, it’s not the Stonewall riots)

Episode 4: Stonewall: From rebellion to liberation
The Stonewall riots- one fateful night that began a week long of riots that led to the modern LGBTQ movement. After a year of militant activity that changed history- the first Pride Parade went out to the streets.

Additional screening: Be’er Sheva Pride House

In association with the Embassy of United States of America



22 years old Moritz is moving to Berlin to be with his boyfriend, Jonas. Jonas is a sexy photographer who prefers a non committal way of life and an open relationship.
Much to Moritz’s surprise the relationship ends and he’s left alone and broken. He searches for solace for his aching heart and finds himself making new friends, going to the gym, developing a sense of fashion and discovering drugs. Moritz is turning into a party animal and begins to act on his deepest desires.

Hannes Hirsch’s debut film describes a new beginning for an inexperienced young man in Berlin’s nightlife scene with sensitivity and authenticity. “Drifter” touches many subjects such as body image, fluid sexual identities and addictions. The film takes a deeper look into the world of the nightlife characters and exposes their vulnerability and layers.
Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content and nudity.

In association with the Embassy of Germany