An Afternoon with Patrick Sarfati

An Afternoon with Patrick Sarfati” is exactly what it sounds like.
After a year of meetings and bonding, filmmaker Anthony Hickling and photographer Patrick Sarfati make the move. The moment of truth has arrived, getting a camera into the living room of the legendary stills photographer that began to document the LGBTQ community back in 1979 and focused mainly on LGBTQ artists and cultural icons. Sarfati’s living room is a stunning archive of photos from many decades, portraits of celebrities that hide fascinating stories and amusing anecdotes that he shares with glee. With some of his subject Patrick had a friendly relationships and sometimes even beyond – Keith Haring, Jeanne Moreau, Coccinelle, Bette Davis, Grace Jones, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Roland Barthes, James Baldwin, Tom of Finland, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more.
This is an intimate meeting with a very colorful and fascinating character that you’d love to spend an afternoon with.


Myung is a fashion icon and one of Seoul’s best voguers. She is taking part in a dance competition hoping that the wins will cover the cost of her gender affirming surgery. When she loses, she decides to go back to her home village and take part in her estranged father’s funeral. In order to receive part of her father’s will, she must perform a traditional mourning dance for her father, who was a beloved dance teacher. Myung embarks on a journey she didn’t plan, back to her country roots and the Buddhist faith she abandoned, despite the hostilities of the villagers. She stays true to herself, even as she sheds some of her armor, in her winding and inspirational way to self enlightenment and finding her unique voice as a dancer.

Peafowl” is the excellent full length debut film by director/screenwriter BYUN Sung-bin, who won the award for international best short film for his film “For the Sake of a Sick Spirit” in the 2019 TLVfest. With South Korea stunning views, dazzling dancing scenes, moving plot, an unforgettable heroine and an uplifting ending this is one of the most beautiful films of the past year.

The screening is in association with Project Gila & part of the earnings are a donation to the project.

Gila Project for Trans Empowerment (AKA Transgenders for Social Justice) was founded in 2010 by and for the transgender community. It began as an activist group working to change the lives of transgender people, with a focus on personal empowerment, advocacy for rights, and demanding access to resources and opportunities. The Project grew into a strong trans-led nonprofit that continues to uphold these values and goals, and works in the field of LGBTQ rights, human rights, and social justice.