Despite its name that suggests a relaxed and quaint piece, “Birder” is the perfect late night erotic thriller.
Kristian Brooks invades a queer nudist camp on the shores of a remote New Hampshire lake. While not wearing much, he makes friends with the locals, and his flirting disturbs the commune’s dynamics. When he seduces the naked men around him, they’re about to experience a lot more than they imagined.
Birder” explores the behavior of a serial killer and takes his audience on an unexpected journey. Director Nate Dushku provides a queer piece that celebrates diversity of nudity and tests the limits.
Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content, nudity and violence.

After the screening, Q&A with the director Nate Dushku and the screenwriter Amnon Lourie.

On the Go



The screening will be preceded by the short movie “In My Own Image”.

Imagine “Easy Rider” meets early Greg Araki films such as “Totally F***ed Up” and “The Living End” and pour over some hot and sassy Spanish passion and you’ll end up with the anarchistic creation by directors/screenwriters María Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro, starring Omar Ayuso (“Elite”) in a very daring role.
37-year-old Milagros is a young carefree woman in her last years of fertility, while 24-year-old Jonathan, her best friend, is obsessively looking for comfort on Grindr in order to overcome his separation anxiety. Milagros is looking for sperm, Jonathan just wants to run away after burning down a club. The two embark on a roadtrip where they will meet a mermaid, one night stands and criminals, all while listening to great music.
This is a film about contemporary young men and women who think they live in the age of free choice with unlimited options, but the truth is – the beginning of the 21 century freedom is nothing but an illusion.
The film was shot entirely on a 16mm camera.
Viewing is 18+ due to nudity and explicit sexual content.

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In My Own Image
Director, Script & Producer: Giuseppe Bucci
With: Mariano Gallo, Eva Grimaldi, Salvatore Langella
Italy, 2023, 12 min, Italian with English subtitles

Francesco fails to feel sorry for the death of his father, a homophobic and bigoted man mainly due to his religious upbringing. The son has never confessed his homosexuality to his father and, desperate, he makes a very strong gesture to shout his homosexuality to God, the Vatican and his father.

My Sole Desire

A striptease show to a techno remix version of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the sugar plum fairy”, nude reading of Chekhov and a satirical striptease on the theme of yellow vests protests. All these and more are part of a show in the Parisian strip club “À Mon Seul Désir”, a place where stripers with artistic flair can take professional risks and challenge their audience.
Manon (Louise Chevillotte, “Synonymes” by Nadav Lapid) is a young aimless woman with no real purpose in life. She spontaneously decides to start working at the club and is immediately drawn to her new colleagues, especially Mia (Zita Hanrot, “Angry Annie”), an ambitious actress with a partner and a child. The relationship between the two intensifies as they spend more and more time together and Manon finds herself falling for Mia. The two begin a secret affair in a place where you must draw the line between love and work.
Director Lucie Borleteau created a film about sex workers through a female non judgmental gaze. She describes the world of the women working in the club with all its complexities. The result is a surprising and unusual cinematic journey with excellent actresses in the lead roles and quite a few surprise guest appearances, such as Melvil Poupaud (“Time to Leave”), Félix Maritaud (“120 BPM”), legendary director Frederick Weisman and actress Ariane Labed (“Lobster”).

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content.

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14 years old Nino is only on the verge of sexual awakening, but he is already a victim of homophobic hate crime. In order to protect him, his parents decide to leave the city and temporarily move to a farm where Nino’s father works in deforestation. The farm is surrounded by a dark forest where, as the local legend goes, lives the Almamula – a mysterious creature that kidnaps anyone who’s a sexual sinner. So not only does Nino have to face his fear of the monster that might come and claim him, he also has to deal with the church meetings his mother forces him to go to and the local priest who attempts to bring him closer to God by force. Will a meeting with the farm’s gardener give Nino a surprising solution to his existential queries?

Juan Sebastián Torales’ debut film, whose world premiere was at the Berlin Film Festival, delivers a mystical, sensual, surprising and thought provoking cinematic experience on prejudice and its collision with modern thinking.


Green Night

Jin Xia is a young Chinese woman, fleeing from a secret and troubled past. She arrives in South Korea where she marries a local man in exchange for a citizenship. She works at the airport security and one night meets a mysterious young woman with green hair. The two immediately gravitate towards each other, but what starts as a surprising night romance turns into a journey where they’ll have to fight for their lives against local criminals as well as face the violent men in their lives.

Director Han Shuai delivers to her audience a powerful crime thriller with two fascinating and surprising female leads: Chinese international film star Bingbing Fan (“I am not Madame Bovary”, “X-Men: Days of Future past”, “The 365”) in a breathtaking and unconventional role, and the rising Korean film star Lee Joo Young, who recently starred in “Broker” which featured at Cannes Festival.


Un Prince

Botanical erotica. In his first feature film, documentary director Pierre Creton takes us on a journey in the life of a young man who arrives as a student to an horticultural school. As much as the hero of the film is passionate about learning and working, he’s also full of passion for the older men who work as farmers in the countryside, and even finds himself as part of a throuple with two of them.
“Un Prince” is a quiet cinematic piece where nature and male bodies unite in an organic manner in the pure surroundings. Botany and sexuality bloom in this surprising and unusual film, full of unforgettable images.
The film is accompanied by a VO by some of France’s veteran movie stars – Gregory Gadebois, Mathieu Amalric and Françoise Lebrun.

In association with the Embassy of France