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The Child Within Me


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Yehuda Poliker, one of Israel’s musical giants – in a retrospective meeting of his own life – stares calmly into the camera; sometimes with longing, sometimes with regret, but mostly lovingly. He watches rare archival footage, some of which are never before seen family home-videos. At times, he joins in on the guitar, accompanying that same stuttering, insecure young man looking back at him from the screen, or his parents singing Greek songs, and sometimes, he just sits silently and reminisces.
In conversation between then and now, in conversation with his friend for the past 40 years, Eti Aneta Segev, images from Poliker’s life join one another, while his touching music plays in the background. The images spark memories that transport us freely between the different junctures of his life.


The debut feature by Simone Bozzelli is a spectacular cinematic piece about escaping a gilded cage and choosing a vagabond life of freedom with the ultimate goal of chasing love.
20-year-old Yuri lives a sheltered life with his elderly aunt in a small town in the Italian countryside. He has never left the town and is satisfied with his life besides his aunt who works at the local butcher. This is all he knows.
One day Yuri meets Agostino, a wandering clown, charismatic entertainer and a children’s parties magician. Yuri immediately takes a shine to the free spirited Agostino – he represents everything Yuri never knew he needed, like independence and freedom. The two decide to go on a joint journey, but what seems to Yuri at first as a dream of self discovery, turns into a nightmare…
Viewing is 18+ due to nudity, explicit sexual content and violence.

Blue Jean

England 1988 – Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government is about to pass a law that will not allow gay men and women to work in the education system. Out of fear for her job, PE teacher Jean is forced to live a double life. Her personal life becomes even more complicated when her activist partner starts pressuring her to come out of the closet. When a new student in Jean’s school shows up unexpectedly in the local lesbian bar where Jean and her friends hang out, the meeting pushes Jean further towards the edge and challenges her life choices.

Blue Jean” is a portrait of a woman who only wants to keep her life and identity private, while the social and political reality, that is so much bigger than her, will force her to make a stand. Rosy McEwen takes the screen by storm as Jean. Georgia Oakley’s debut film was already screened in over 50 festivals worldwide and has rightly won many awards.


LGBT Pitching

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund (GMFF) believes in the power of film to bring about change. By bringing stories to the screen we strive to illuminate unfamiliar cultures, remember forgotten communities and stimulate respectful cultural and social dialogue about identity, values, and getting to know the Other.