In memory of Eduardo W. Roy Jr

Ace and Miko are Instagram celebrities who want to become actors. They both work as models for gay bars, bikini pageants and escort. Their routine is shaken when an ex-lover invites them to a private resort on a secluded island, threatening to leak a sex video of them to the internet if they do not comply. Afraid that their reputation will be permanently tarnished if the video spreads, Ace and Miko come to the resort with plans to delete the video.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content.

Maybe Someday

The screenwriter-director-actress Michelle Ehlen comes back to TLVFest after screening here two of her other films: “Butch Jaime” and “S&M Sally”. Her previous films were lighthearted fun-filled comedies that enjoyed crushing gender stereotypes. This time Ehlen proves that she is not only a gifted comic filmmaker but a quality drama master as well. “Maybe Someday” brings us the serious side of her cinematic work and this time she deals with relationships, heartbreak and memory, but despite the dramatic levels, the film is still full of humour.
After her partner leaves her, Jay embarks on a road trip across the USA with a backpack full of basics and an old phone. She arrives at the home of a childhood friend in California and gets swept by a torrent of bitter-sweet memories of their childhood. The real crisis comes when she finds out her old partner is seeing someone else. Meanwhile she meets Tommy, an amateur stand-up comedian who is funnier off the stage. With her teenage sweetheart in the next room and her ex that still messages her, Jay must decide if she really means to leave the limbo she’s stuck in.