The Trace of Your Lips

Aldo is a young man who is living in the same apartment building as Roman, an actor in action B-movies. Both of them are isolated in their flats since a pandemic broke out and they must adhere to the lockdown rules. They match online, talk and can even see each other via video calls, but they cannot meet in person. Eventually the urge to break the lockdown becomes too strong.

In his new film, groundbreaking director Julian Hernandez explores just how much loneliness feeds the passion and how bright does this flame burn when loneliness becomes isolation. After screening Hernandez’s previous films at the TLVFest (“Broken Sky”, “I Am Happiness on Earth” and “Bramadero”), this time he creates a world that reminds us of recent history, but also throws us into another horrible plague. This is a very passionate film about desires simmering under fear and caution.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content.


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טקס פתיחת הפסטיבל והקרנה “כולנו זרים”


21.12, 20:00 –
לפני ההקרנה: טקס חגיגי בהנחיית איילת רובינסון וגל ניסים
הופעה מיוחדת של גלינה פור דה ברה
פרסי הוקרה של הפסטיבל יוענקו לגילה אלמגור ואביגיל שפרבר

21.12, 22:00 – הקרנה נוספת, ללא טקס והופעה.


“כולנו זרים” בבימויו של אנדרו היי (“45 שנים”, “Weekend”) ובכיכובם של אנדרו סקוט, פול מסקל, ג’יימי בל וקלייר פוי, עוסק בתסריטאי צעיר שמפגש עם שכן מסתורי, משנה את מהלך חייו.
הסרט אשר נחשב לאחד הסרטים המסקרנים והמדוברים של עונת הפרסים הקרובה, עם דיבור חזק על מועמדות לפרס האוסקר לסרט הטוב ביותר ולשחקנים הטובים ביותר, יוקרן בבכורה ארצית בפסטיבל הבינלאומי ה-18 לקולנוע גאה.

לילה אחד במגדל הדירות הכמעט ריק בלונדון העכשווית, לאדם (אנדרו סקוט) יש מפגש מקרי עם שכן מסתורי בשם הארי (פול מסקל), אירוע המעורר חיים בשגרת היומיום שלו. כאשר מערכת יחסים מתפתחת ביניהם, אדם נמשך אל זיכרונות העבר ומוצא את עצמו חוזר אל עיירת הפועלים שבה גדל ולבית הילדות בו הוריו התגוררו. להפתעתו, הוריו (קלייר פוי וג’יימי בל) שנפטרו לפני זמן רב, עדיין מתגוררים בבית ונראים בדיוק כפי שנראו לפני 30 שנה.

The Child Within Me


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Yehuda Poliker, one of Israel’s musical giants – in a retrospective meeting of his own life – stares calmly into the camera; sometimes with longing, sometimes with regret, but mostly lovingly. He watches rare archival footage, some of which are never before seen family home-videos. At times, he joins in on the guitar, accompanying that same stuttering, insecure young man looking back at him from the screen, or his parents singing Greek songs, and sometimes, he just sits silently and reminisces.
In conversation between then and now, in conversation with his friend for the past 40 years, Eti Aneta Segev, images from Poliker’s life join one another, while his touching music plays in the background. The images spark memories that transport us freely between the different junctures of his life.

All of Us Strangers

All of Us Strangers” directed by Andrew Haigh (“45 years”, “Weekend”) and starring Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy tells the story of a young screenwriter that a meeting with a mysterious neighbor changes the course of his life. The film, which is considered one of the most interesting and talked about films of the upcoming awards season, with a good chance of landing multiple Oscar nominations for Best Film and Best Actors, had its national premiere at the 18th edition of the TLVfest.

One night, in an almost empty apartment tower in current London, Adam (Andrew Scott) has a random meeting with a curious neighbor Harry (Paul Mescal), a meeting that brings life to his daily routine. When a relationship starts to develop between them, Adam is drawn to the memories of his past and finds himself returning to the working-class town where he grew up in and his childhood home where his parents lived. To his immense surprise, his long deceased parents (Jamie Bell and Claire Foy), still live in the house and look exactly as they did 30 years ago.


The debut feature by Simone Bozzelli is a spectacular cinematic piece about escaping a gilded cage and choosing a vagabond life of freedom with the ultimate goal of chasing love.
20-year-old Yuri lives a sheltered life with his elderly aunt in a small town in the Italian countryside. He has never left the town and is satisfied with his life besides his aunt who works at the local butcher. This is all he knows.
One day Yuri meets Agostino, a wandering clown, charismatic entertainer and a children’s parties magician. Yuri immediately takes a shine to the free spirited Agostino – he represents everything Yuri never knew he needed, like independence and freedom. The two decide to go on a joint journey, but what seems to Yuri at first as a dream of self discovery, turns into a nightmare…
Viewing is 18+ due to nudity, explicit sexual content and violence.

Housekeeping for Beginners

משק בית למתחילים

Director Goran Stolevski (“You Won’t Be Alone”) had won a Special Mention award at the 2018 TLVFest for his wonderful short film “Would You Look at Her”. This time he brings us a moving, universal and different piece on motherhood and family.

Dita (Anamaria Marinca, “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”) never wanted to be a mother, but life forces her to raise her partner’s daughters – Mia, the youngest, is a trouble magnet and Vanessa is a rebellious teenager. In order to keep custody of the girls Dita must marry her gay roommate and get help from his young Roma boyfriend who found refuge in this unstable house. Now all those very different people will have to learn how to be a family together.
The film was shot in Cinéma vérité style and watching it feels very realistic, with an intense and dense atmosphere that tells the story just as much as the plot.

Macedonian entry for Best International Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards



Despite its name that suggests a relaxed and quaint piece, “Birder” is the perfect late night erotic thriller.
Kristian Brooks invades a queer nudist camp on the shores of a remote New Hampshire lake. While not wearing much, he makes friends with the locals, and his flirting disturbs the commune’s dynamics. When he seduces the naked men around him, they’re about to experience a lot more than they imagined.
Birder” explores the behavior of a serial killer and takes his audience on an unexpected journey. Director Nate Dushku provides a queer piece that celebrates diversity of nudity and tests the limits.
Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sexual content, nudity and violence.

After the screening, Q&A with the director Nate Dushku and the screenwriter Amnon Lourie.

Theater Camp

A particularly rowdy comedy produced by Will Farrell.

Summer starts and the best young talents from all over the USA gather for a summer camp in upstate New York, a camp that is entirely dedicated to theater. The kids that have their soul deeply embedded in musicals and dream of a career in the limelight aren’t aware that the camp is bankrupt. Camp’s legendary founder (Amy Sedaris) is in a coma in hospital and the running of the camp falls to her irresponsible son. Together with the children come the regular eccentric guides – a bunch of not very successful actors who are supposed to train kids that are much more talented than they are. The goal, as every year, is to create an original musical for the end of camp.
This is the first full length feature for actress Molly Gordon (“Shiva Baby”) and Nick Lieberman, and it celebrates the world of theater in a very authentic way. The kids and guides are in love with the magic of theater but need to find their own confidence from time to time.
A winning comedic ensemble, limitless creativity, crazy characters and plenty of wild and absurd situations will leave the audience crying with laughter – this is one summer camp you do not want to miss!

Blue Flower

A set of three fascinating short films from all over the world. Though they were made with low budget, they have a distinctive cinematic styles and showcase unique love stories from Nepal, India and Myanmar.
Duration: 90 minutes