The Holy Closet

Israeli documentary series that follows religious LGBT people through important milestones in their lives.

Mean Girls

Special screening with Daniel Franzese.

15 years old Cady Heron grew up in the African jungle, as the daughter of two zoologists. She knows the laws of the jungle well and her best friends walk on all four. Now Cady is about to learn the laws of another jungle – the American high school. She befriends the outsiders Damian and Janice, and meets Regina, Gretchen and Karen, the high school’s most popular girls. Things start to get really complicated when Cady falls in love with Aaron, Regina’s ex.
In the battle for school dominance, only the strongest survive, just like in the jungle.

Gay Shorts

This year the TLVFest had many short film entries, all dealing with different aspects of the gay experience. It was a difficult choice, the selection was especially impressive this year and the films excellent.
Our electors chose 15 short films, and from those, 6 made it to this collection. The short films arrived from different countries and deal with a variety of themes: sexual fantasy, teenage coming out, a complex relationship between father and son, gay immigrants trying to find themselves in a new country, football fans and even a period piece about the secret police.

Duration: 105 minutes.

Lotus Sports Club

Filmed in Cambodia over the course of 5 years, “Lotus Sports Club”, is an inspiring coming-of-age story. In its center is Leak, a teenage trans man who plays football in the under-21s women’s team of Kampong Chhnang, and Pa Vann, the trans coach and father-figure to Leak and other LGBTQ+ players on the team. 61-year-old Pa Vann established the football team in 2009 to encourage solidarity among straight, lesbian and gender-diverse players. He also opened his home to the more vulnerable and often homeless teenagers, including Leak, thus providing these LGBTQ+ players a safe place to be themselves.
After living with Pa Vann for many years, Leak, driven by the pressure to make more money for his family and forced off the football team because of his age, takes the heart-breaking decision to move to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, leaving behind the one person he loves the most.

Mini DV

The full cinematic version of the wonderful documentary by Shauly Melamed, in a one-time screening at the festival in the presence of the film’s heroes.

In this coming-of-age story, four LGBTQ adults re-encounter the home video footage they shot of themselves as kids: Shauly explored his homosexuality; Tom faced his gender identity; Betty filmed her friends and lovers; Rumia discovered her roots in drag.

Like Me

Eyal Kantor’s first full-length film is an important and effective drama. Tom, a 12th grade high-school student who is required by his father to find a new place to live within two weeks, finds himself in a torrid relationship with an older fashion photographer, while he is secretly in love with his close friend Gilad.
The main actor, Yoav Keren, who also produced and edited the film, turns out to be one of the bold and talented young actors working in Israel today.

29.10 – creators in attendance


Where Butterflies Don’t Fly

A surprising debut film by Roman Němec comes from the Czech Republic, a country that isn’t known for its thriving LGBTQ cinematic scene.
Daniel is a 19 years old student, he doesn’t get along with his parents, doesn’t have many friends and generally keeps his distance from other people. This is not surprising for a feminine gay youth in a very machoistic and convservative society. As graduation approaches, Daniel finds himself on a school camping trip, lead by the handsome teacher Adam – a gay man who is in a secret relationship with his partner David. Both Daniel and Adam live each in his own bubble, until they find themselves in mortal danger, when they get trapped in a huge cave system. Lost and cut off from the rest of the world, as time and food runs out, two men from different worlds and backgrounds form an unexpected connection, as they fight for their survival.

Screenings include Q&A with the director and the lead actor.

In association with the Czech Centre Tel Aviv