Dos Estaciones

Between red dirt hills, blue skies and green fields of agave lies “Dos Estaciones” (Two Seasons), a humble local Tequila factory, struggling for its survival against the big companies that are taking over the production of the traditional Mexican drink. Heading the small factory is Maria Garcia, the heiress of the family business and the one who keeps the whole community together as the main employer in town. To help her oversee the company she hires Rafaela, whose vibrant presence gives hope both to the factory, who is in dire need of a miracle, and for Maria. When a plague and an unexpected flood cause irreversible damage, Maria needs to do all in her power to save the main source of income and pride for her community.
Dos Estaciones” describes the country life and the tradition and art of making Tequila in an effortless and magical way.
Theresa Sanchez in her debut role is taking the screen by storm as a strong woman who fights for the family tradition and goes to war against the foreign corporations that are trying to take over her small town.


Docile and unemployed Heider Rana (Ali Junejo) is married to a working woman Mumtaz (Rasti Farooq). On the face of it he has a happy marital and comfortable home life, the couple live under the same roof as the rest of the Rana tribe.
After his father pressures him to find a job Heider gets one, as a backup dancer for Biba (Alina Khan), a trans woman who is part of a colorful entertainment show called ‘Joyland’. Through Biba, Heider begins to slowly open up and discover a new way of living. While Heider is living the dream, Mumtaz is beginning to feel frustrated by the pressure of the conservative society that expects her to stay at home and serve the family’s patriarch.
Joyland” is a bitter-sweet story of repression and the wish for self-fulfillment.


The Cow Who Sang a Song into the Future

An Israeli premiere of one of the latest Sundance Festival most talked about films.
With sensual images and gentle narrative courage, “The Cow Who Sang a Song into the Future” provides a rich cinematic vision that captures the humane and the inexplicable, equally.
Cecilia (Leonor Varela, “Blade 2”) is a tough surgeon and a single parent who refuses to accept her daughter’s trans identity. She receives a call that her elderly father Enrique (Alfredo Castro, “From Afar”, “The Prince”) believes he had seen her long dead mother Magdalena (Mía Maestro, “Mayan M.C.”, “The Strain” and the LGBT film “End of the Century”). Cecilia returns to the family farm to discover a series of disturbing occurrences amongst the farm animals.
In her debut film, director Francisca Alegría creates a ghost story, a family melodrama, a surreal fairytale, and ponders about the ‘here and now’, while refusing to commit her film to one specific genre. Undoubtedly, Francisca Alegría is one of present time most fascinating filmmakers.

Video movie review (no spoilers)

Additional screenings: Jerusalem Cinematheque 3.11, 18:00
3.11 , 20:30 , Rosh Pina Cinematheque

Mars One

This darling of the Sundance Film Festival 2022, brings to the screen the story of growing up in a working class Brazilian family, when in the background rage the social and political upheavals after the elections that made Bolsonaro president in 2019.
Eunice is a young student falling in love for the first time. She meets Joana in a club and they form an intimate connection. But Eunice is hesitant about sharing her love and sexuality with her parents. Deivinho, Eunice’s younger brother, is also hiding a secret – he wants to be a scientist and one day travel to space, but his father dreams of his son becoming a successful professional football player and getting their family out of poverty.
While avoiding all the clichés of such films, director Gabriel Martins brings us the story of a first love, where it seems Eunice is the adult one, while her parents never really matured.
Mars One” brings to life a familial, humane drama, wrapped in all the colours and music Brazil has to offer.

Additional screening: Haifa Cinematheque 1.11.2022