Mini DV

The full cinematic version of the wonderful documentary by Shauly Melamed, in a one-time screening at the festival in the presence of the film’s heroes.

In this coming-of-age story, four LGBTQ adults re-encounter the home video footage they shot of themselves as kids: Shauly explored his homosexuality; Tom faced his gender identity; Betty filmed her friends and lovers; Rumia discovered her roots in drag.

As You Are – Pilot screening & conversation

A comic drama about the lives of a group of wild Tel-Avivian women in their thirties, who try to fulfil themselves against the ticking of the biological clock, social norms and the status of women. Going with their dreams and loves at any cost and even offering an alternative to the accepted lifestyle, at an age where every choice is fateful.

After the screening, a conversation with the creator.

Special screening and panel: “The Pink Time, the story of the LGBTQ communities “

The Pink Time, the story of the Israel LGBTQ communities

קוקטייל חגיגי 19:30
תחילת האירוע בשעה 20:30

מנחה: גלינה פור דה ברה
הופעה חגיגית, נאומים, הקרנת הסרט ואחריו פאנל עם יוצרי הפרויקט וחלק מהמשתתפים.

הפרויקט שופך אור חדש ומסעיר על פינות חשוכות בעבר של הקהילה הלהט”בקית בישראל.
יוצרים: אודי ניר, שגיא בורנשטיין, עמית חכמוב, אוצר ומפיק: יאיר קדר, ייעוץ: פרופסור איריס רחמימוב, ד”ר עמליה זיו, רעות נגר, יאיר הוכנר.

בחסות פסטיבל הקולנוע הגאה ובתמיכת משרד החוץ הגרמני וקרן רבינוביץ.

TLVFest celebrates 50 years to The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, TAU!

We invite you to a special screening of the Tisch School’s first groundbreaking and daring LGBTQ students’ final projects which were made back in the 70’s and 80’s.
After the screening, a panel with the filmmakers to discuss queer film making, then and now.

A Different Shadow
Director: Ron Assouline
Cast: Danny Roth, Efron Atkin, Gideon Singer, Daniel Amar, Neomi Doron
Israel, 1983, 36 min, Hebrew

Amit is a young photographer from a good family who is tired of living a lie. He struggles with the difficulties of revealing his sexual tendencies to his loving family – especially in front of his tough father and his shocked brother.

It’s That Age
Director: Hagar Kot
Cast: Ruthi Goldberg, Idit Tepperson, Meir Banai, Niko Nitai, Ilan Yagoda.
Israel, 1989, 37 min, Hebrew

Danielle is a rebellious 17-year-old. She finds work sitting for Michal, a 35-year-old sculptor. Danielle opens up to Michal, and ends up in a tender, yet suffocating relationship.

Wonderfully Made ~ LGBTQ+R(eligion)

Yuval David and his partner Mark McDermott’s debut full length documentary describes the difficulties of many Catholic LGBTQ people in light of the official church’s stand on homosexuality. The film focuses on the Catholic church in particular, since it’s one of the largest religious organizations in the world and has very strong views against the LGBTQ community.
The film includes interviews with leading supporters of Catholic LGBTQ members, amongst them a pioneer lesbian nun, an openly gay priest, former USA ambassador to the Vatican and other leaders and influential activists.
At the same time, the film documents an art project that creates an unprecedented photographic iconography, presenting LGBTQ members from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences and genders, all undergoing auditions to play Jesus Christ. The actors’ journey takes the audience on a voyage of search and change through the power of art.

Interviewees: fmr. Ambassador Miguel Díaz, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Sister Jeannine Gramick, Natalia Imperatori-Lee, Father James Martin, Father Bryan Massingale, Xorje Olivares, Cathy Renna, Jason Steidl, Stanley “J.R.” Zerkowski
Actors/Models: Glori Dei Filippone, Justin Flo, Omi Ford, Matthew Menendez, Tristan Shuler, Regan Teller, Kyle Glen Ullsperger, Maxwell Vice, Kamaria Monee Williams, S.J, Sister Jeannine Grammick.
Additional interviewees: Lindsay Adler, Brendan Cannon, Amy Gossels, Ross Murray

Q&A after the screenings with Director Yuval David, Producer Mark McDermott, and composer Ariel Blumenthal.

Party after the screening at – SCHNITT BREWING COMPANY – Haarbaa 12 St

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Continental Drift (South)

28.10 screening – Opening of the Master program

Natalie Adler is the EU representative to Sicily. She is responsible for organising a joint visit by French president Macron and German Kanzler Merkel in a local refugee camp. Their presence has a lot of symbolic value to show that everything is under control, but it seems nothing is. The German coordinator Ute, is also Natalie’s lover, there is of course the Italian bureaucracy, and let’s not forget Albert – Natalie’s son, who still hasn’t forgiven her for coming out and leaving his father, and who shows up unannounced in the refugee camp as a volunteer. He also has his own agenda, that isn’t going to help his mother, who’s barely holding on to her sanity as it is.
Swiss director Lionel Baier brings to the screen a satiric, biting and incredibly funny comedy about the not-so-united Europe, especially around the refugee crisis.
Natalie is portrayed by the wonderful French actress Isabelle Carré (“Delicious”, “Les Émotifs anonymes”), her son Albert is Théodore Pellerin (“Boy Erased”) and her German lover is Ursina Lardi (“The White Ribbon”).


Director & screenwriter/actress in attendance

Director Lola Quivoron’s debut film had rightly won the judges awards in the “Un Certain Regard” segment of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. It is one of the more entrancing films of the last year.
Julia is a young woman on the edges of society. She makes a living through petty crimes and has an endless passion for riding motorcycles. One hot summer day, an accident helps her make her way into a group of motorcyclists who get their thrills by riding hard and fast and perform acrobatics with no helmets on. This group of misfits is working for a mobster who is in prison and controls them from afar. Julia gains his trust through her talents in petty crimes, but then she meets his girlfriend and her son.
Julie Ledru is hypnotic in her debut role, and shows some real star quality. In her debut film Lola Quivoron delivers a breathtaking experience.

Additional screening: Haifa Cinematheque 2.11.2022

In association with the French Institute

Neon Spring

Laine is 20 years old and loves techno rave parties. Her parents are each deep in their own world and barely speak to each other. Even though she lives with her father, she is the one taking care of her mischievous younger brother. Laine yearns to connect with her emotionally distant father, but mostly gets a cold shoulder. She finds release in the underground techno scene of Riga. There Laine meets young men and women who are just like her and even falls in love. The more things turn bleak at home, the more Laine gets swallowed by the party scene and puts herself and those close to her in danger.
Neon Spring” is a coming of age film about finding your place in the world, looking to belong and the desperate need for human connection. Even though the film deals with complex issues, its approach is fresh, daring and very surprising, considering its country of origin.
Portraying Laine is the very impressive Marija Luize Melke, who also co-wrote the script with director Matiss Kaza. The result is an unapologetic and complex youth experience.

Viewing is 18+ due to to scenes of sexual violence and drug abuse.

Director in attendance.