Ukrainian Queer Shorts

An important and timely collection that brings to the big screen stories of the LGBTQ community in Ukraine.
Two films that describe the day to day reality in the country during the war against Russia, a movie that focuses on a young transgender activist and a dramatic comedy about the wedding of a young Roma man facing a fateful decision.

Duration: 75 minutes.

The Holy Closet

Israeli documentary series that follows religious LGBT people through important milestones in their lives.

Lesbian International Mix

Trip around the world with a mix of international short lesbian films: a camp musical from Korea, a Turkish wedding in Amsterdam, a group of queer women going for a holiday on the lake and a bus full of hormonal teenagers. There is also a hilarious thesis on the role of women in the world of cinema. This and more in our international lesbian mix.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Queer Docu Shorts

7 short films from around the world that bring different perspectives on LGBTQ history, activism then and now, and on queer immigration nowadays.

Duration: 105 minutes.

Sexy Gay Shorts

The sexy collection is back after a year’s absence. Seven films, among them a surprise- two Israeli short films that are going to turn the Cinematheque into an adult films cinema a-la randy 70’s and 80’s. Getting high on semen, playing with a dildo, the beauty and the beast adult version, a sexy car crash, two steaming threesomes – surprising and unexpected in two completely different films, as well as a JIZZ parties collection to make the evening even steamier. And all that on the big screen!
Get ready for an extremely horny 95 minutes.

All the films are restricted to 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.

Friday, 28/10 Midnight

Queer Animation

Short queer animation films from all over the world. Each one done in a different style of animation, with a different cinematic approach. The films deal with a variety of subjects, such as gender, sexuality, sexual identity, history, love and of course, the modern world’s obsession with dating apps and selfies.
Get ready for a thrilling and original 80 minutes.

Funny Gay Shorts

This year a lot of short and very funny gay comedies had made it into the TLVFest, and so for the first time in the TLVFest history, we’ve decided to do a comedy collection.
After a lot of deliberation 4 short films were chosen: 3 from the USA and one from the UK. Each one of the short films describes an extreme situation and has a different comic style.
A wild parody that ends in a disaster, a biting satire about gossip news, a British film that nods to the films of Woody Alan and Wes Anderson, and also the story of a couple that decides to open up their relationship.

Duration: 105 minutes.

Poly Shorts Mix

USA, Japan, Spain, Canada, Columbia and Germany: six different films from six different countries celebrate people and stories on the poly spectrum.
From short comedies to complex dramas that bring intricate situations from life, through exciting sexual experiences and one amazing animation film.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Gay Shorts

This year the TLVFest had many short film entries, all dealing with different aspects of the gay experience. It was a difficult choice, the selection was especially impressive this year and the films excellent.
Our electors chose 15 short films, and from those, 6 made it to this collection. The short films arrived from different countries and deal with a variety of themes: sexual fantasy, teenage coming out, a complex relationship between father and son, gay immigrants trying to find themselves in a new country, football fans and even a period piece about the secret police.

Duration: 105 minutes.