Circus of Books

For over 35 years, the gay porn shop “Circus of Books” gave the members of the Los Angeles LGBT community a safe space to celebrate themselves without judgment. Not many people knew that the owners of the shop were Karen and Barry Mason – she was an ex-journalist and he was a special effects master for big Hollywood films such as “2001: A space odyssey” and “Star Wars”. A straight, religious, Jewish couple with three children that attended a religious Jewish school and went to Synagogue on the weekends and were never aware of their parents occupation (and neither did friends and close family members). The Masons witnessed the HIV plague first hand and lost a generation of treasured employees. They became social activists, and yet throughout the whole period never identified as such – only as entrepreneurs serving clients the world ignored, until the internet had ruined their business.
Circus of books”, which was produced by Ryan Murphy, is Rachel Mason, the couple’s daughter, first documentary film. For the first time she puts a camera in front of her parents, the least radical people she ever knew. She asks how they became the biggest distributors of gay porn in the the USA and why did Karen react so negatively when her own son came out of the closet.

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28.10 screening – Opening speeches

In a youth shelter in Colombia, ten young women sit down in front of the camera and close
their eyes. They are instructed to picture Alis, an imaginary friend that came to the shelter, and to tell her life story. Like the other girls, Alis used to live in the streets of Bogota. This imaginary companion is the beginning of a very unique and extraordinary documentary project. Alis is used as a gentle and reflective entry point to the personal stories of the participants. Alis becomes a chilling mirror of the life stories of ten young women who talk to the camera about past traumas, surprising love stories and their ambitions for the future. “Alis” might be an imaginary friend, but she will take you on a moving journey into the world of young women who have been through so much at a too young age and now deserve to enjoy some of the freedom the shelter provides before embarking on a new journey as adults.
Directors Claire Weisskopff and Nicholas Van Hemlrick’s work is sensitive, gentle and compassionate, and gives a unique and direct glimpse into the stories of young women whom society doesn’t notice. For the first time they look straight into the camera and tell their story, as they try to break the vicious cycle they were born into.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 29.10, 20:30

In association with the the Romanian Cultural Institute

Nelly & Nadine


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The voice of Nelly, an opera singer, is ringing out in the middle of Ravensbruck concentration camp. Nelly and Nadine first met
on Christmas 1944 in the hell of the concentration camp and there started a relationship that would change their world. Nelly Mousset-Vos, was an opera singer in Paris, who used to frequent Natalie Clifford Barney’s literary salon in the 30’s. Nadine Hwang was the rebellious daughter of the Chinese ambassador to Spain. Sylvie, Nelly’s granddaughter, discovers a diary, 8mm film clips and audio tapes in a locked box belonging to her grandmother. She pieces together the unbelievable, bigger-than-life love story of Nelly and Nadine. For a whole year, Swedish acclaimed director Magnus Gertten (“Only the Devil Lives without Hope”) accompanies Sylvie in her search for the untold stories of her grandmother Nelly and her lover Nadine. The result is a moving documentary about a deep, loving relationship. This is an unforgettable memoir of two women who were determined to be truly free, as well as a reminder of the need for individual and collective remembrance.