Wonderfully Made ~ LGBTQ+R(eligion)

Yuval David and his partner Mark McDermott’s debut full length documentary describes the difficulties of many Catholic LGBTQ people in light of the official church’s stand on homosexuality. The film focuses on the Catholic church in particular, since it’s one of the largest religious organizations in the world and has very strong views against the LGBTQ community.
The film includes interviews with leading supporters of Catholic LGBTQ members, amongst them a pioneer lesbian nun, an openly gay priest, former USA ambassador to the Vatican and other leaders and influential activists.
At the same time, the film documents an art project that creates an unprecedented photographic iconography, presenting LGBTQ members from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences and genders, all undergoing auditions to play Jesus Christ. The actors’ journey takes the audience on a voyage of search and change through the power of art.

Interviewees: fmr. Ambassador Miguel Díaz, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Sister Jeannine Gramick, Natalia Imperatori-Lee, Father James Martin, Father Bryan Massingale, Xorje Olivares, Cathy Renna, Jason Steidl, Stanley “J.R.” Zerkowski
Actors/Models: Glori Dei Filippone, Justin Flo, Omi Ford, Matthew Menendez, Tristan Shuler, Regan Teller, Kyle Glen Ullsperger, Maxwell Vice, Kamaria Monee Williams, S.J, Sister Jeannine Grammick.
Additional interviewees: Lindsay Adler, Brendan Cannon, Amy Gossels, Ross Murray

Q&A after the screenings with Director Yuval David, Producer Mark McDermott, and composer Ariel Blumenthal.

Party after the screening at – SCHNITT BREWING COMPANY – Haarbaa 12 St

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Rex Gildo: The Last Dance

One of Germany’s senior queer film directors, 79 years old Rosa von Praunheim, concocts a tragic and camp doco-drama that tells the story of Rex Gildo, who was at his prime German Elvis or German Cliff Richard.
Rex Gildo was one of the most successful German singers in the 60’s and 70’s, who was reduced to doing gigs at folk festivals and shopping malls in the 80’s and 90’s, as his popularity declined. While he continued to perform and was perceived as a sex symbol, he faked a marriage to a woman, though he was actually having a secret relationship with his male agent, and later had a string of affairs, including with his driver and PA.
Rosa von Praunheim tells the story of Rex Gildo, exploring the devastating pain of having to live in the closet, despite, and because of his enormous success.
The film includes interviews with actresses and singers who performed alongside Gildo and were presented by the tabloids as his lovers, such as the legendary Vera Tschecowa and Cornelia Froboess.

In association with Goethe Institut

Soy Nino

Bastian is a young trans boy from Chile who is facing a very difficult time – adolescence. It all becomes much harder when he has to devote most of his efforts into expressing his own individualism. His cousin, film director Lorena Zilleruelo, followed and filmed Bastian from the age of 12 until he was 18 years old, and witnessed his most intimate, moving and hard moments. This is also the journey of Bastian’s parents, who decide to support their son despite their own difficulties and eventually become activists for trans rights.
Despite the support he receives at home, Bastian has to face social and economical difficulties that might jeopardise his ambitions.
Bastian’s journey introduces us to a more trans tolerant Chile, thanks to a new and liberal generation.

The Oleanders

Paola, Betty and Eva are three trans women in the 60’s who’ve known each other for over 40 years. The three started as sex workers in Athens in their youth. In the film “The Oleanders” they revisit their old turf – the streets where they used to work, hang out, get harassed or arrested by the police, fight for their rights, enjoy life and find love. The three are having an unapologetic, humoristic and empowering discussion on the queer history of Athens and beyond.
The Oleanders” was directed by social activist and filmmaker Paola Revenioti, who is also one of the three protagonists. Get ready for a hysterical and historical 65 minutes that manages to entertain, move and empower.

Screening in cooperation with The Gila Project for Trans Empowerment

Into My Name

Four friends – Leonardo, Raffaele, Andrea and Nicolo take a look back on their childhood and youth. They share their experiences and memories, even when they failed to live up to society’s norms. Each of their gender biographies is different and yet there are similarities. This helps them understand one another better and feel less alone.
In front of the camera they talk about love, partnership, choosing their name, hormone treatment, surgery decisions and dealing with the bureaucracy of those long and complex processes. In a very binary world, and especially in a conservative country such as Italy, the decision to determine your own gender is a subversive act.
Into My Name” provides its protagonists with a safe space to describe their personal journey to their chosen selves. This film is a sensitive description of the hardships they’ve had to overcome in their way to fulfill the social, physical and legal change they yearn for.

Q&A with the director and producer after the screenings.

In association with the Italian Cultural Institute


Jeannette isn’t like anyone you’ve met before. She’s a bodybuilder, personal trainer, single mother, lesbian and one of the survivors of the massacre at the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida where 49 people were killed and 53 injured.
This film begins at the wake of that tragedy and follows Jeannette’s journey to healing, as she finds support and solace through the community. The film gives us a glimpse of the tense relationship between Jeannette and her conservative mother who refuses to accept her daughter’s sexuality, as well as Jeannette’s trip to Puerto Rico to help her family after a devastating hurricane.
Director Maris Curran opens a window into the life of one strong, brave, but also vulnerable woman. Curran shows the complex and humane character of Jeannette and all its aspects, and her way of dealing with the trauma and loss after the terrible massacre. The result is empowering and brings to the light an inspiring woman.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 28.10, 16:00

Mama Bears

Director Daresha Kyi has created a moving and intimate documentary of how a mother’s love can change the world.
Mama Bears” is the story of women who let almost every aspect of their lives be completely remodeled by love. Even though they grew up in an Evangelistic fundamentalist Christian communities, the “Mama Bears” group members are willing to risk the loss of family, friends and their religious community in order to keep their children safe, even if by doing so they challenge their own entire belief system and tear apart their own whole world view of politics, religion, faith and love.
The result is a gripping social documentary about the battle against LGBTQ-phobia these brave women lead.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 29.10, 18:00

Before We Move

3.11 screening includes Q&A with the director and the cast.
5.11 – director in attendance

This film brings to the screen the story of queer tango dancers in St. Petersburg, who dance in the hope of making a change for the LGBTQ community.
The queer tango movement takes the popular, sensual dance and reinterprets it. Otar and Misha are a couple, both professional dancers and choreographers, and members of the movement that challenges the conventions of traditional tango. While there is a feeling of euphoria and happiness in the dance lessons and the meetings between the company members, there is always the worry and danger of living in a country where homophobia is widely spread and the LGBTQ community members get absolutely no protection. This situation leads Otar and Misha to make a dramatic decision and immigrate to Israel.
This gentle and moving film follows the couple in the months and weeks before they leave the country and their goodbyes to the people they care about the most.
Before We Move” is the new documentary film by Aleksandr M. Vinogradov. His previous film “Bare” followed the rehearsals of the bold dance piece Anima Ardens (Burning Soul) that screened at the 2021 TLVfest.
Before We Move” will screen in Tel Aviv, right after its world premiere at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival.

Additional screening: Jerusalem Cinematheque 2.11, 17:00

All Man: The International Male Story

More than scandalous fashion, hot male models and underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination, ”All Man: The International Male Story” is a three decades journey of an era when the The International Male magazine influenced the world of fashion, perceptions of masculinity and gay rights. In its heyday, the magazine brought in over 120 million dollars, and reached a circulation of over 3 million copies of each issue. The International Male target audience was both gay and straight men. Pictures of sensually dressed men were the gateway to a fantasy world that gave the perfect escape from homophobia and the AIDS pandemic. For straight men the magazine gave the opportunity to take fashion risks and enjoy a freer expression of sexuality without threatening their masculinity and sexual identity.
All Man: The International Male Story” is an aesthetic and uniquely cultural nod to the 80’s & includes unseen before photographs.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 4.11, 14:00

The Last Chapter

Bernard is a French man on the verge of his twilight years, he is moving into a new apartment, probably his last. Director Gianluca Matarrese documents without any filters himself and his much older lover. He is documenting them reminiscing and having sex, playing control and submission games, master and slave. A young and curious filmmaker and his older BDSM fan lover, who lost his greatest love during the AIDS pandemic of the 80’s and suddenly, years later, found himself falling for a younger man. What at first started out just as a sexual adventure, turned out to be much more.
This is a film about the generation gap, friendship, life, death, sex, love adn dealing with the fast approaching inevitable end .
The Last Chapter” is a courageous, unfiltered documentary.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit sex scenes.

In association with the French Institute