Mean Girls

Special screening with Daniel Franzese.

15 years old Cady Heron grew up in the African jungle, as the daughter of two zoologists. She knows the laws of the jungle well and her best friends walk on all four. Now Cady is about to learn the laws of another jungle – the American high school. She befriends the outsiders Damian and Janice, and meets Regina, Gretchen and Karen, the high school’s most popular girls. Things start to get really complicated when Cady falls in love with Aaron, Regina’s ex.
In the battle for school dominance, only the strongest survive, just like in the jungle.


Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween night, dripping with blood, puss and gore. “Swallowed” is the fascinating new nightmare by horror master Carter Smith (“The Ruins”, 2008), and please note – this is a one and only screening, so if you’re a Horror fan – this is a must!
Swallowed” is a Body Horror movie, it has a queer, hot and smart hero, whose dream is to become a successful porn star.
Right before Benjamin leaves his small town to go to L.A. to follow his dream, he is tempted to join his childhood friend Dom in what looks like an easy money scheme – all they have to do is take a package from the U.S.A to Canada. What they don’t know is that this is going to be their worst nightmare, when a violent criminal (Jena Malone, “The Hunger Games”) will force them to swallow strange packets full of weird bugs so they can cross the border safely without arousing suspicion. On the other side of the border they’ll meet horror films legend Mark Patton (“A Nightmare on Elm street 2: Freddy’s revenge”), in a particularly creepy role. Naturally, everything that could go wrong will go wrong, and the two friends will have to survive a horrible night of hell with a psycho and strange bugs inside them, that the only way to get out is…

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit nudity, graphic violence and other horrors.

Wonderfully Made ~ LGBTQ+R(eligion)

Yuval David and his partner Mark McDermott’s debut full length documentary describes the difficulties of many Catholic LGBTQ people in light of the official church’s stand on homosexuality. The film focuses on the Catholic church in particular, since it’s one of the largest religious organizations in the world and has very strong views against the LGBTQ community.
The film includes interviews with leading supporters of Catholic LGBTQ members, amongst them a pioneer lesbian nun, an openly gay priest, former USA ambassador to the Vatican and other leaders and influential activists.
At the same time, the film documents an art project that creates an unprecedented photographic iconography, presenting LGBTQ members from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences and genders, all undergoing auditions to play Jesus Christ. The actors’ journey takes the audience on a voyage of search and change through the power of art.

Interviewees: fmr. Ambassador Miguel Díaz, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Sister Jeannine Gramick, Natalia Imperatori-Lee, Father James Martin, Father Bryan Massingale, Xorje Olivares, Cathy Renna, Jason Steidl, Stanley “J.R.” Zerkowski
Actors/Models: Glori Dei Filippone, Justin Flo, Omi Ford, Matthew Menendez, Tristan Shuler, Regan Teller, Kyle Glen Ullsperger, Maxwell Vice, Kamaria Monee Williams, S.J, Sister Jeannine Grammick.
Additional interviewees: Lindsay Adler, Brendan Cannon, Amy Gossels, Ross Murray

Q&A after the screenings with Director Yuval David, Producer Mark McDermott, and composer Ariel Blumenthal.

Party after the screening at – SCHNITT BREWING COMPANY – Haarbaa 12 St

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Director in attendance

Will is a young artist who seems to have it all – a loving partner and a job in pottery that he loves despite his annoying boss. Unfortunately under his cool latino façade hides a dark past of violence and mental illness he is desperate to hide. When Will’s bi-polar mother gets in touch after years of silence, Will starts to experience inexplicable symptoms. After getting injured at work, Will gradually loses the use of his arms and something evil is lurking in the shadows. Will is becoming obsessed, determined to solve the mystery of his past. He begins to suspect his partner, loses control over his body and starts seeing a strange wolf figure whenever he’s in a crisis. Is he turning into his mother?
Hypnotic debut film by director Addison Heimann is a complex, exhilarating horror film depicting a violent journey into the soul of a man who is losing his sanity. Zach Villa is exceptional as Will.

Viewing is 18+ due to explicit nudity and violence.


Jeannette isn’t like anyone you’ve met before. She’s a bodybuilder, personal trainer, single mother, lesbian and one of the survivors of the massacre at the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida where 49 people were killed and 53 injured.
This film begins at the wake of that tragedy and follows Jeannette’s journey to healing, as she finds support and solace through the community. The film gives us a glimpse of the tense relationship between Jeannette and her conservative mother who refuses to accept her daughter’s sexuality, as well as Jeannette’s trip to Puerto Rico to help her family after a devastating hurricane.
Director Maris Curran opens a window into the life of one strong, brave, but also vulnerable woman. Curran shows the complex and humane character of Jeannette and all its aspects, and her way of dealing with the trauma and loss after the terrible massacre. The result is empowering and brings to the light an inspiring woman.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 28.10, 16:00

Mama Bears

Director Daresha Kyi has created a moving and intimate documentary of how a mother’s love can change the world.
Mama Bears” is the story of women who let almost every aspect of their lives be completely remodeled by love. Even though they grew up in an Evangelistic fundamentalist Christian communities, the “Mama Bears” group members are willing to risk the loss of family, friends and their religious community in order to keep their children safe, even if by doing so they challenge their own entire belief system and tear apart their own whole world view of politics, religion, faith and love.
The result is a gripping social documentary about the battle against LGBTQ-phobia these brave women lead.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 29.10, 18:00

Chrissy Judy

Everyone has this friend that can’t seem to get their life in order, but you can’t help loving them despite the trail of mess they leave in their wake. For 30-something drag queen Chrissy it’s her BFF Judy, a perpetually messy drag queen who always drinks more cocktails than she should. After spending years in the bar scene of New York, Judy is convinced that this summer their drag show will get the break they’ve been waiting for, but Chrissy has different priorities, which force a very disappointed Judy to take a hard look on her own life as a drag artist and rediscover her true self.
This dark comedy gives us a glimpse into the underbelly of queer culture and struggles gay men face in the pursuit of love, acceptance, romance and identity. While exploring the universal pain of drifting apart from your best friend, the question of “What do you do when the family you’ve chosen doesn’t choose you back anymore?” arises.

Unidentified Objects

An unusual road-trip comedy with a unique charm. Peter, a “college graduate gay midget” by his own words, is a recluse in his book-laden apartment, mourning the loss of his best and only friend. His crushing loneliness ends when his weird neighbour Winona knocks on his door with an unusual request – she wants to borrow Peter’s car to go to Canada, where she believes that in a faraway field aliens will beam her up to their spaceship.
The resulting film is directed with exceptional visual talent by Juan Felipe Zuleta and provides its viewers with a unique queer film. “Unidentified objects” benefits from wonderful performances by Sarah Hay and Matthew August Jeffers (“New Amsterdam” TV series) in the leading roles, which earned the latter the acting award in the Los Angeles queer film festival.

You Can Live Forever

In the early 90’s, following her father’s death, a queer teenager Jaime, is sent to live with her fundementalist Jehovah Witnesses relatives. Soon Jaime forms an unexpected connection with Marike. Both youth find themselves instantly attracted to each other and begin a secret affair. But when their attraction is becoming too obvious to hide, their community does everything in its power to break the young couple and force each girl to make life changing decisions.
In their debut film, directors Mark Slutsky and Sarah Watts deliver a drama with a fresh look on first love and forbidden love. Anwen O’Driscoll and June Laporte portray the two young heroines with unapologetic exuberance.

Additional screening: Haifa Cinematheque 4.11.2022

All Man: The International Male Story

More than scandalous fashion, hot male models and underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination, ”All Man: The International Male Story” is a three decades journey of an era when the The International Male magazine influenced the world of fashion, perceptions of masculinity and gay rights. In its heyday, the magazine brought in over 120 million dollars, and reached a circulation of over 3 million copies of each issue. The International Male target audience was both gay and straight men. Pictures of sensually dressed men were the gateway to a fantasy world that gave the perfect escape from homophobia and the AIDS pandemic. For straight men the magazine gave the opportunity to take fashion risks and enjoy a freer expression of sexuality without threatening their masculinity and sexual identity.
All Man: The International Male Story” is an aesthetic and uniquely cultural nod to the 80’s & includes unseen before photographs.

Additional screening: Rosh Pina Cinematheque 4.11, 14:00