Phantom Project

When was the last time you saw a gay urban ghost comedy in cinema or on TV? This film from Chile, by the director Roberto Doveris (who also produced “El Príncipe”), is an unexpected surprise.
Pablo is a young actor with dreams of becoming a star. Until his dream comes true he is working as a simulated patient in a medical school where medical students do experiments on him. Not only is his acting career at a standstill, his whole life seems to be going nowhere – he’s still in love with an ex-boyfriend, his roommate disappeared without paying rent and has left an unusual problem in his wake. A ghost.
Phantom Project” is an indie comedy about the journey of a young man to self discovery and about following dreams in strange and surprising ways.

My Emptiness and I

Directed with rare sensitivity and compassion “My Emptiness and I”, director Adrian
Silvestre’s second feature film, is following a young transgender woman living in Barcelona and working an unsatisfying job at a call center. She yearns for “normal romance” and for a man who would love her the way she is. She fantasizes of a sweeping romance with handsome men and of starting a traditional family. As it turns out, reality is much more complicated and she experiences a series of embarrassing dates while also dealing with her physical transition.
Director Adrian Silvestre accompanies her daily life, as she talks candidly with co-workers, queer friends and men she meets through dating apps, while trying to find her place in the world.
The main character, portrayed by Raphaelle Perez (who also co-wrote the script), seems to exude vulnerability and naiveté with gazes full of longing.

Screening in cooperation with The Gila Project for Trans Empowerment