International Shorts – Animation

12.6, 16:30
Cinematheque 2
International Shorts - Animation
I Love Hooligans | Dir: Jan-Dirk Bouw
Netherlands, 2013, 13 min
A football hooligan feels unconditional love for his club. However, being gay, he has to hide his identity in order to survive in this world that is so precious to him.

Aubade | Dir: Mauro Carraro
Switzerland, 2014, 5 min
In a surrealist backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of dawn.

Bendik & the Monster | Dir: Frank Mosvold
Norway, 2014, 10 min, Norwegian
The story of a monster, who dreams of being a cabaret singer.

FU377 | Dir: Neelu Bhuman
UK, 2014, 5 min, English
An adorable Indian mother and her queer daughter spring into action by the Indian Supreme Court’s latest decision on anti-gay law, Section 377.

Growing Pains | Dir: Stien Weijers
Netherlands, 2012, 2 min
An animated satire of the muscular ideal beauty in the gay scene.

Hermes & Aphrodite | Dir: Gregor Zootzky
Germany, 2013, 10 min
What happens if you have to find out first whether you’re a boy or a girl?

Orbitas | Dir: Jaime Maestro
Spain, 2013, 8 min
A war between two great powers is ravaging a planet.

Simple | Dir: Markus Wende
Germany, 2013, 2 min, English
“I just want sex!“, says Tanja to Benjamin.

Teagan | Dir: Sheldon Lieberman and Igor Coric
Australia, 2013, 3 min, English
A story of transition – from male to female, and from despondency to happiness.

The Legend of Narcissus | Dir: Olga Guse
Germany, 2013, 4 min
A parable about tolerance and against homophobia.

Yin and Yang | Dir: Olga Guse
Germany, 2014, 4 min
Yin and Yang – are polar opposite to each other, but yet related forces or principles.

Unicorn Blood | Dir: Alberto Vázquez
Spain, 2013, 8 min, Spanish
Two teddy-bears go hunting unicorns, their favourite prey.

Zebra | Dir: Julia Ocker
Germany, 2013, 3 min
One day, a zebra hits a tree.