As You Are – Pilot screening & conversation

A comic drama about the lives of a group of wild Tel-Avivian women in their thirties, who try to fulfil themselves against the ticking of the biological clock, social norms and the status of women. Going with their dreams and loves at any cost and even offering an alternative to the accepted lifestyle, at an age where every choice is fateful.

After the screening, a conversation with the creator.

Special screening and panel: “The Pink Time, the story of the LGBTQ communities “

The Pink Time, the story of the Israel LGBTQ communities

קוקטייל חגיגי 19:30
תחילת האירוע בשעה 20:30

מנחה: גלינה פור דה ברה
הופעה חגיגית, נאומים, הקרנת הסרט ואחריו פאנל עם יוצרי הפרויקט וחלק מהמשתתפים.

הפרויקט שופך אור חדש ומסעיר על פינות חשוכות בעבר של הקהילה הלהט”בקית בישראל.
יוצרים: אודי ניר, שגיא בורנשטיין, עמית חכמוב, אוצר ומפיק: יאיר קדר, ייעוץ: פרופסור איריס רחמימוב, ד”ר עמליה זיו, רעות נגר, יאיר הוכנר.

בחסות פסטיבל הקולנוע הגאה ובתמיכת משרד החוץ הגרמני וקרן רבינוביץ.

TLVFest celebrates 50 years to The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, TAU!

We invite you to a special screening of the Tisch School’s first groundbreaking and daring LGBTQ students’ final projects which were made back in the 70’s and 80’s.
After the screening, a panel with the filmmakers to discuss queer film making, then and now.

A Different Shadow
Director: Ron Assouline
Cast: Danny Roth, Efron Atkin, Gideon Singer, Daniel Amar, Neomi Doron
Israel, 1983, 36 min, Hebrew

Amit is a young photographer from a good family who is tired of living a lie. He struggles with the difficulties of revealing his sexual tendencies to his loving family – especially in front of his tough father and his shocked brother.

It’s That Age
Director: Hagar Kot
Cast: Ruthi Goldberg, Idit Tepperson, Meir Banai, Niko Nitai, Ilan Yagoda.
Israel, 1989, 37 min, Hebrew

Danielle is a rebellious 17-year-old. She finds work sitting for Michal, a 35-year-old sculptor. Danielle opens up to Michal, and ends up in a tender, yet suffocating relationship.

Opening ceremony & screening: In Bed

Guy (28 yo) and his best friend Joy are enjoying the gay pride parade to the fullest, when their bliss is abruptly put to an end by a deadly shooting that occurs during the event. Fleeing the scene into the safety of Guy’s home, they take along a fellow pride goer, Dan, who seems to be in shock. With the shooter still on the run, Guy and Dan fall into a night full of sex, drugs and paranoia.

Produced with the support of Israel Cinema Project – Rabinovitch Foundation and United King.