sexy Gay Shorts

SEXY_GAY_SHORTS15.6 22:30 Cinematheque 1

Restricted to 18 and above


Eloi & Biel

Directed: Noel Alejandro

Spain, 2013, 23 min, Spanish with English subtitles

A young gay couple breaks into an empty house in the middle of the forest and spends the weekend there.


Chaleur Humaine

Directed: Christophe Predari

Belgium, 2013, 11 min, French with English subtitles

Antony loves to be close to Bruno – he loves his warmth. He needs it. Then comes the moment of separation, when their bodies stop responding to one another.



Directed: Wes Hurly

USA, 2014, 7 min, English without translation

A queer and camp version to the Cinderella story with the porn star Colby Keller.



Directed: Tony Caderteg

Sweden, 2013, 6 min, Swedish with English subtitles

From a perspective of one person we are exposed to fragmented memories of past relationships – sexual and too short.


Sebastien’s Night Out

Directed: Konstantinos Menelaou

Britain, 2013, 3 min, English without translation

A portrait of a young man who is hunted by a voice which confesses about cheating.


James Bondage in Double O Sexy

Directed: Wes Hurly

USA, 2013, 5 min, English without translation

A camp and sexy version of James Bond



Directed: Antonio Da Silva

Britain, 2014, 17 min, English without translation

Lather loving daddies, bear daddy, and daddies that don’t fit the regular categories. Ten gay men over 40 were filmed in super 8, stripping and talking about their identity as daddies, gay relationships, polyamory, monogamy, open relationships, their dicks and an appetite for sex.


Dirty Boots

Directed: Adam Baran

USA, 2014, 5 min, English without translation

A day in a life of a lather loving biker gang in Brooklyn, from the moment they wake up in the morning to the initiation ceremony, for a new member, at an underground sex club. A tribute to the porn movies from the 70s. with a participation of Peter  Berlin.


One Night Only

Directed: Wes Hurly

USA, 2013, 3 min, English without translation

A gay, camp, and sexy version of the musical “Dreamgirls”.