Quick Change

QuickChange211.6 22:10 Cinematheque 2
14.6 18:45 Cinematheque 2
Directed by Eduardo Roy Jr.
Cast: Mimi Juareza, Jun-Jun Quintana
Philippines, 2013, 98 minutes, Tagalog and English with English and Hebrew subtitles

Cinemalaya Festival – Jury Award winning film , Best Actress , Best Screenplay and Best Sound
Berlin Festival 2014 – International Premiere

What begins as a realistic work is revealed a chilling dramatic thriller that will make you hold your breath. Dorina promises her clients they will be beautiful and it won’t even hurt. They are happy to use her services to fulfill their dream of winning the popular beauty contest in Manila “Miss Gee” or “Miss Amazing”. She injects their cheeks, noses, lips, chests and buttocks. Alongside her flourishing business illegal Botox injections, she also takes care of her son and is in love with a young selfish dancer who is cheating on her. In a world where beauty is the most important thing, Dorina will discover that beauty has a heavy price. The transgender actress, Mimi Juareza, who plays Dorina won numerous awards for her believable and bold performance. Eduardo Roy Jr. directed a blunt and edgy movie, shot in authentic locations throughout the city slums of Manila with a manual camera gives the film a sense of a documentary movie. This resulted in a film that starts quietly and eventually erupts like a volcano.