Çürük – The Pink Report

18:00 ,14.6
Cinematheque 4

Ulrike Bohnisch
Çürük (rotten) is a brave and daring documentary. Turkey has one of the highest percentages of hate crimes in the military and thus, most gay Turkish men prefer to get an exemption. These men describe the hardships in obtaining that exemption from Turkish mandatory military service. A fierce and hard film.
A panel discussion with festival guests about Turkey and the LGBT community will follow the screening.
In association with Heinrich Boell Foundation & The Goethe-Institut
Germany, 2011, 75 min; Turkish/English/German with English subtitles.
Ankara 1st Pink Life Queerfest 2011 Paris LGBT Film Festival
2011 Torino LGBT Film Festival
Screens with the short film “Story of Kara” by Deniz Buga