Lesbian Mix

19.11 15:00, LGBT Center
Super Power
Dir: Diane Busuttil
2 minutes of pure energy injection that will leave you wanting more. (Germany 2011, 2 min; English without subtitles)
Dir: Irene Zoe Alameda
Margaret is a curious lonely child being raised to fulfill a very specific role in the social status to which she belongs. But she has a secret that will change her life. (Spain 2011, 18 min; Spanish and English with English subtitles)
Dir: Betsy Kalin
A comic documentary about the complex loving relationship between lesbians and the chains adorning their wallets and jeans pockets. (USA 2010, 14 min; English without subtitles)
Sara’s Shout
Dir: Juanan Martinez
After being the victim of a hate crime Sara is forced to come out to her conservative parents. (Spain 2011, 7 min; Spanish with English subtitles)
Dir: Deb Shoval
Sundance 2011 official selection. Days before 19-year-old Joey is sent to Afghanistan she returns to town hoping to convince her lover to flee to Canada with her. (USA 2010, 14 min; English without subtitles)
Tech Support
Dir: Erik Gernard
A young woman who recently broke up with her girlfriend falls in love with the computer tech support girl who serves her on the other side of the phone line. (USA 2010, 10 min; English without subtitles)
Dir Antoine Arditti
2009 Festival de Cannes Cinecole award winner. Lonesome Julia finds herself in a closed room with five switches on a wall. Operating these switches spawn strange events that will lead her to find love. (France 2009, 6 min; no dialog)
Dir: Isabelle Desmond
Poppy video clip by duo Pierrette & Georges about tow female kidnappers and their kidnap-pee. (France 2011, 6 min; English without subtitles)