2015 TLVFest Jury

Official Competition – Narrative
Maya JaferMaya Jafer
A Holistic Doctor, Actor, Dancer & Transgender Activist. She was born & raised in a very strict, orthodox, religious, traditional Muslim family in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Her family has completely disowned her, due to her Gender Transition from male to a complete woman. She interviewed in several television programs, documentary films including a film about her life, “Muhammad to-Mia” and participated as an actress in the Golden Globe winner – “Transparent”.

Gloria Viagra
Gloria ViagraThe most famous Drag Queen of Berlin. She is DJ, singer, Showgirl, Band-Leader, host and also know as an activist for queer rights, refugees, against Nazis and many more. Since many years she is part of the Teddy-Award family, the most important queer Award at the Berlin Film Festival. She performed in several TV-Series, queer short and feature film productions as “Die, Hemda, die” from Yossi Braumann. In 2009, she organized the Berlin solidarity march to show sympathy with Israel’s LGBT community after the murder in the Bar-Noar.

Official Competition – Documentary
Chris BelloniChris Belloni
Documentary filmmaker and producer of short films. Belloni has a history at TLVFest: His debut film “I am gay and Muslim” screened at the festival in 2013 and his second film “The Turkish Boat” had its world premiere at TLVFest. In 2015 he was jury member of documentary section at the International LGBT Film Festival ‘Roze Filmdagen’ Amsterdam.

Jay Bedwani
Jay BedwaniAn award winning documentary filmmaker from Wales. His first two films “My Mother” and “Quixotic Player” were made in Northern California, and both went on the play in a number of international film festivals. He is currently shooting his third, in his hometown of Cardiff. In “The Jury is proud to present” he will present his film: “My Mother”


Saskia De KeyserSaskia De Keyser
With two university degrees, one in Germanic and Roman languages (literature and linguistics) and a translation degree, Saskia’s main activity consists of translating, subtitling movies and “surtitling” opera and theatre. She always has been fascinated by cinema and arts and started first subtitling and translating for Pink Screens Festival, Brussels, Belgium. Attracted by diversity in all its forms, she started programming for the festival three years ago.

Official Competition – Israeli Short Films
Michael StützMichael Stuetz
Born and raised in Linz, Austria, Michael studied Film and Theater at the Universities of Vienna and Berlin, where he is based since 2005. Since 2006, Michael is associated closely with the Panorama of the Berlinale, where he works as a program coordinator and head of the office, as well as the coordinator for the TEDDY Award and is also part of the advisory selection board of the section. Since 2011 he serves as the Co-Director of the Xposed International Queer Film Festival Berlin.

Katja BriesemeisterKatja Briesemeister
Holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Hamburg. She also completed a postgraduate programme in Visual Communication with focus on film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg where she still lives and works. Since 2009, she’s a board member and programmer of Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.


Nicolas GilsonNicolas Gilson
With a university degree in Performing Arts geared towards writing and critical analysis, Nicolas Gilson has been working for more than seven years as an independent movie critic. In addition to contributing to various publications and radio broadcast (currently taking part as chronicler of Bang Bang, the only queer show in Belgium), he has been working to create a platform for the promotion of Belgian cinema that was subsequently transformed into a site devoted to film criticism (www.ungrandmoment.be). At the same time, in 2010 he joined the team in charge of organizing and scheduling the Brussels Queer Film Festival (Pink Screens) before becoming part of the Scheduling Committee of the International Francophone Film Festival (FIFF) of Namur.

Martin WolknerOfficial Competition – International Short Films
Martin Wolkner
A film critic (FIPRESCI), freelance author, and director of Filmfest homochrom in Cologne and Dortmund, Germany, which he founded in 2011 (based on monthly LGBT screenings in 6 cities since 2009). He was born in 1980 and has an M.A. in English, German and Film Studies.


Sebastian BeyerSebastian Beyer
Since 2008, Sebastian has been programmer and publicist for the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Germany’s biggest and longest-running, completely volunteerorganised LGBT film festival. Besides this he studied social work in Germany and Brazil and works as a sex educator, loves to DJ and hosts an infamous queer Karaoke- Party in Hamburg.


Ursula RabergerUrsula Raberger
Born in 1981 in Linz. In her studies at the University of Vienna she focused on Theatre, Film and Media. Specialized in queer filmmaking. She co-founder the
Kibbutz Klub parties in Vienna promoting Israeli music and culture. Her book, “The Israeli Queer Cinema”, was published this year – it’s the first book in German language covering the history of LGBT cinema in Israel.

Short Scripts Competition
Ron Fogel
Ron Fogel
Film critic and lecturer, Member of the Israeli film academy, Artistic director of the Korean film festival in Israel. Specializes in Asian and urban cinema.
yasmin_sasonYasmin Sason
Writer and media researcher,
her PhD dissertation deals with lesbian moments on Israeli film and television
teaching script writting and works as a script editor.
interested mainly in media as a tooltoward social change.

Yariv Mozer is a Board Member of The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum and Board Member of The Israeli Academy of Motion Pictures. He is a also a member of The European Film Academy, and the first Israeli to participate in EAVE (European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs) Producers Workshop. 
Yariv Mozer, former head of Entrepreneur Production Studies at the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (2007-2010), former Supervising Producer of Israeli production company “Alma Films” (2005-2007) and has also served as director of the 10th Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (2004)