2015 TLVFest Award – Angela Robinson

In 1995, Angela Robinson directed the lesbian vampire short movie “Chickula: Teenage Vampire”, giving us a hint of what was to arrive in 2012 – becoming one of the producers/writers and directors behind the hit HBO series “True Blood”.
In 2005 she was the first out lesbian and first African American director who directed a film for Disney –
“Herbie Fully Loaded” starring Lindsay Lohan and Michael Keaton.
Among other things, she produced more than twenty episodes and directed nine episodes of the most successful lesbian series of all time “The L Word.” Although she was based in Hollywood, Robinson had not relinquished her independent beginnings and created the successful internet series “Girltrash!” which later became a musical independent movie directed by Alex Kondracke.
This year’s festival will screen the cult film D.E.B.S. that just celebrated a decade, last year. It mixes the youth film genre like “Clueless” with the world of espionage and James Bond movies. Today Robinson continues to break stereotypes as Consulting Producer in the successful series “How to Get Away with Murder.”
We are patiently awaiting her next film.