Fucking Different Tel Aviv

Directed by Elad Zakai, Eran Kublik Kedar and and Ricardo Rojstaczer, Eyal Bromberg, Sivan Levi, Nir Ne’eman, Yossi Brauman, Avital Barak and Sie Gal, November Wanderin, Yasmin Max, Hila Ben Baruch, Stephanie Abramovich, Anat Salomon and Yair Hochner.

Israel, 2008, 95 min, Hebrew and English, English subtitles

Wednesday 23.6, 20:00 Municipal G.L.B.T. Community Center РMeir Park

Following Berlin and New York, The Israeli international LGBT film festival is proud to present the third collection of project Fucking Different, this time in Tel Aviv. Following producer’s Kristian Petersen’s visit in the festival, a local version was made for the series, with the same ever-crucial question at its center: what do gay people think about lesbian sexuality, and what do lesbians think about gay sexuality? Politics, religion, age gap, transgenders, drag queens and of course sex, make only a partial list of subject in this interesting collection. And also: will Ninet Tayeb manage to escape from being kidnapped by a couple of militant dykes?


Berlinale 2009

Torino LGBT Film Festival 2009

London LGBT Film Festival 2009