The Guest

8.6, 22:30
Cinematheque 2

14.6, 18:30
Cinematheque 2

Dir: Mauricio López Fernández Cast: Carmen Barros, Daniela Vega
Chile, Argentina, 2014, 82 min.
Spanish with Hebrew and English subtitles
The Guadalajara International Film Festival 2015

In 2013 we showed director Mauricio López Fernández’s excellent short film, La Santa. We are now pleased to present his first feature film, which continues his fascinating, uncompromising, cinematic work.
Elena returns home for her father’s funeral. Her change of gender raises tension within the stifling family atmosphere. According to conservative country traditions, the eldest son should succeed his father and run the farm, and the transformation Elena has undergone will impact both her life and those of the people around her.
The Guest is a dark, restrained drama, yet raging with hidden pressure.