Bright Night – Nachthelle

8.6, 20:00
Cinematheque 1

13.6, 15:30
Cinematheque 2

Dir: Florian Gottschick | Cast: Benno Fürmann, Anna Grisebach Vladimir Burlakov
Germany, 2014, 83 minutes
German with English and Hebrew subtitles
Montreal International Film Festival 2014 Munich International Film Festival 2014 Guadalajara International Film Festival 2015

It was supposed to be an ideal vacation, a weekend in Anna’s birth village with her young boyfriend Stefan. It is also a reunion with Bernd, who was once her boyfriend and now lives happily with Marc. For many years, Anna has not visited the empty village because the nearby coal mine is growing and swallowing the green surroundings. She discovers that returning to her childhood home is not as simple as she had imagined. Most of the houses are abandoned, her childhood school is destroyed, and even the graves were removed and transferred to another place. Most of all she fears a secret from her past will tear her apart from Stefan. The fact that he begins to be attracted to Bernd and Marc undermines her world and it’s getting out of hand. “Bright Night” manages to surprise and provoke unrest; no one expects the scene and its dazzling end will leave the audience breathless.
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