Getting Go, the Go Doc Project

Getting_Go_the_Go_Doc_Project113.6 22:10 Cinematheque 1
Directed by Cory Krueckeberg
Cast: Matthew Camp, Tanner Cohen
USA, 2013, 91 min, English without subtitles

Miami LGBT Film Festival 2013 – World premiere
Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2013 – Special Jury Award
Rhode Island International Film Festival – Award for Best LGBT Movie

A unique, experimental, bold and unusual cinematic creation which explores the ever blurring line between online lust and love in the real world. Doc is a young introvert who falls in love with Go, a model and strip dancer in the most successful clubs of the Big Apple. To get closer to him, he decides to direct a documentary about the nightlife in New York and asks him for help. With time the meetings become more complex and charged than just the routine of documenting Go. The movie manages to bring to the screen intimate and charming moments between the two heroes: Matthew Camp (a dancer and tattoo artist) who plays Go, and Tanner Cohen who conquered the hearts of many in “Were the World Mine” who plays Doc. The movie was filmed with a wide verity of cameras: webcam, iPhone, home HD cameras, and many of the parts were filmed by the actors themselves. Although, it is the most contemporary piece with rhythmic editing and trendy soundtrack, the film does not forget its roots, and creates an admirable gesture to the films of Andy Warhol. Screening attended by actor – Tanner Cohen.
In association with A Wider Bridge organization.

Proceeded  by the short film

Good Morning

Directed by Peter Knegt

Canada, 2014, 10 min, English without subtitles
The story of a man who-on the morning after his 30th birthday party-wakes up with both a massive hangover and a 17-year-old boy sleeping on his couch.

Peter Knegt in attendance.