Amazing Grace

11.6 16:00 Cinematheque 2

Directed: Amos Guttman

Israel, 1992, 90 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

Cast: Gal Hoyberger, Sharon Alexander, Rivka Michaeli, Dvora Bartonov, China Rosowska, Aki Avni, Karin Ophir, Iggy Vaxman, Bar Refaeli, Eda Valery Tal, Hamuchtar

Music: Arkadi Duchin

Jonathan has left the village and moved to Tel-Aviv to be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. Jonathan’s routine is broken when a mysterious men by the name of Thomas comes back from New York to visit his mother and grandmother, who live in the same building. Thomas is hiding a secret from Jonathan – he is has a terminal disease and he’s afraid to hurt the young man in-love with him. “Amazing Grace” was created in the beginning of the 1990s, before the age of the politically correct in regards to the HIV virus, and still the film is able to excite due to the gentle direction and the great acting.

Open for general public