Himmo, King of Jerusalem

10.6 16:00 Cinematheque 1
Directed: Amos Guttman
Cast: Alona Kimhi, Icho Avital, Yossi Graber, Dov Navon, Shai Kapon, Sivan Shavit, Aliza Rosen, Amiram Gabriel
Israel, 1987, 84 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
Amos Guttman’s third film is based on a novel by Yoram Kaniuk. Even though, the film does not deal with LGBT issues, it talks about the Independence War, watching this move proves that Guttman was an artist with a unique personality and voice. Himo is a soldier who finds himself at a convent that was turned into a military hospital, after a bad injury during the fight over Jerusalem; he is desperate and wishing to die. A twisted but passionate relationship is developed between him and the nurse who treats him. This relationship tests the tension between attraction and rejection, compassion and pain, the strength of life and the wish to die – this conflict is also expressed through the humor filled dialogues written by Edna Mazia.