Israeli Collection C

10.6 18:00 Cinematheque 1
71 min

Directed: Arava Gal
Israel, 2014, 5 min., Hebrew with English subtitles
Ayelet, Moran, and Reut, three women in their 30s, go on a journey together, connected only by their dream of opening a bar. What motivates each of them? What is each one’s vision? What role does each play?

A Matter of Time
Directed: Anat Barkai-Nevo
Israel, 2014, 8 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
Based on a short story by Eshkol Nevo. Rivki and Boaz go to a hotel in Jerusalem to celebrate their anniversary. When Rivki goes out onto the balcony, to get some fresh air, a scene is revealed to her that forces her to confront her past.

Word’s Unsaid
Directed: Sivan Malca
Israel, 2014, 12 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
On her bachelorette party, Danny experiences a surprising and intimate night with her best friend. Danny ties to deny that night, but you cannot erase feelings. From now on their friendship will never be the same; it’s going to be everything or nothing.

Walk Inline
Directed: Leon Livshitz
Israel, 2014, 12 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
A unique point of view at the colorful crowd flowing through Tel Aviv’s veins.

End of Season
Directed: Eli Glazer
Israel, 2014, 35 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
Tow gay senior citizens go out in search of Viagra and find love.