Land of Storms

10.6 20:30 Cinematheque 1
Directed: Ádám Császi
Cast: Ádám Varga, András Sütö
Hungary / Germany, 2014, 105 minutes, Hungarian and German with English subtitles

Berlin Film Festival 2014 – World Premiere

“Land of Storms” is the first Hungarian film which deals with LGBT issues. This does not make this impressive filmmaking, of Császi, to be conservative: it is a bold movie with a spectacular cinematography. Szabolcs is a young Hungarian footballer playing for a German team. A lose to an opponent team, the hard training and a fight with Bernard, a teammate, drives him to return to Hungary. In search for a new beginning, he decides to keep bees on his grandfather’s farm. One evening he catches Áron during a burglary – a young man from a nearby village, and suddenly something changes. Áron stays at the farm help with the renovations on the shaky farm and in a short time the two develop a romantic relationship. Bernard comes to visit and tries to persuade Szabolcs to return to Germany. For a while, the three live together and develop a kind of idyllic environment between them, but in a conservative surroundings it is just a matter of time before reality tear opens the door.
Scriptwriter Iván Szabó in attendance