Vulva 3.0

12.6 21:00 Cinematheque 4

Directed: Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann
Germany, 2014, 78 minutes
German with English and Hebrew subtitles
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A documentary that every woman must see! We live in a hypersexual time. The media channels are constantly overflown with images of naked women and their genitals, which are retouched to meet the standards of beauty that can very simply be defined as pornographic. The ideal image is of the hairless symmetrical vulva lips. As a result, many women feel insecure about their bodies and especially their genitals. The world of genital cosmetic surgery became a gold mine, which uses contemporary medicine to create the perfect vulva for the patients. The directors Zimmerman and Richarz present us with and extensive research, sad and funny, that sheds light on the female anatomy in the 21st century. This is probably the most important female documentary of 2014.

Ulrike Zimmermann in attendance
In association with Goethe-Institut