12.6 20:30 Cinematheque 2
Directed: Johanna Jackie Baier
Germany / Lithuania, 2013, 89 minutes, German / Lithuanian with English and Hebrew subtitles

Venice Film Festival 2013 – World Premiere
Festival Goteborg 2014 – International Premiere

What causes a talented young boy to leave art school and his parents, in the port city of Klaipeda in Lithuania, and become a prostitute on the streets of Berlin? “Julia” is a nonconformist movie directed by Jackie Baier who for 10 years has documented the life of a transgender Julia, who in her youth was sold into prostitution by her best friend. The film takes us to the back rooms of the smallest and stagnant brothels in Berlin, to the sticky seats of pornography theaters, to the streets where Julia picked up the tricks, and back to her childhood city where it all began. This documentary will crush your heart and yet you won’t be able to remove eyes from the screen. Screening will be held at the presence of the director.In association with Goethe-Institut