Matterhorn112.6 22:15 Cinematheque 1
14.6 13:15 Cinematheque 1

Director : Diederik Ebbinge
Cast : Ton Kas , van’t Hof René
The Netherlands, 2013, 87 minutes, Dutch with English and Hebrew subtitles

Rotterdam Film Festival – World Premiere and Audience Choice Award Winner
Moscow Film Festival – International Premiere and the Audience Choice Award Winner
Valladolid Film Festival – Director’s Award for First Movie
Prevailing in the international film festivals in Shanghai, Vancouver , Sao Paulo , Taipei , Mumbai and more
Fred lives alone in a conservative Christian community. His wife passed away, his son left home and the relationship between them was cut off. His whole world consists of visits to church and a routine which repeats itself. Suddenly Theo appears in his life – a homeless wanderer who acts like a little kid despite of his age. Fred decides to embrace the mysterious stranger and ties to educate him to be decent human being. The conservative community does not understand why Fred decided to give shelter to a man his own age and the homophobia begins to emerge in the village. Now Fred must decide whether to surrender to the conservatism of his village or to continue helping Theo. “Matterhorn” won the Audience Choice Award at the International Festival of Rotterdam, and rightly so. You’re about to be surprised by plot developments, laugh and be moved to tears.