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Directed by Nejc Gazvoda
Play : Nina Rakovec, Mia Jexen
Slovenia, 2013, 102 minutes, Slovenian, Danish and English with English and Hebrew subtitles

World Premiere – Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2013
Winner of the Best Actress and Best Music – Slovenia Film Festival 2013
A magical, sweet, and a little sad film from Slovenia. A plane malfunction causes the flight from Greece to Denmark to land at the airport in Ljubljana – Slovenia’s capital city. The passengers are taken to a local hotel until the malfunction is fixed. Meanwhile, Iben, a quiet young Danish woman meets Tina who drives the car which takes them from the airport to the hotel. Iben asks Tina to take her on a nightly journey to show her the city. A special relationship is developed between the two young women who merely try to find their place in the world. This is a movie about self-fulfillment, acceptance of your identity, learning to let go the shackles of the past, and step into the uncertainty of the future.