Gay Sexy Shorts

14.6, 24:15, CINEMTHEQUE 1

The US, Spain, Austria, the UK, Germany and four Israeli films in world premiere in a daring sexy mix. Exposing red heads, nude Israelis, masturbating bankers, memories from a dark room, construction workers with a hammer, Peter and the Wolf for grownups and a transgender twist with Mor Vital. 18+ for pornographic sex scenes.

How to Be a Porn Actor
Dir: Guy Shoval
Israel 2013, 10:30 min, Hebrew with English subtitles
A director follows a series of directives on how to make a gay porn movie. Documenting the filming process exposes its technicalities and the sexual fantasy shatters.

Israeli Transexual Mycam
Dir: Mor Vital
Israel 2013, 15min, Hebrew with English subtitles
The film talks about the sex cam industry in Israel, a big platform in recent years in the virtual sex world. The film follows a day in the lives of transgender sex advisors and the topics that preoccupy them: emotions, partnership, routine, future and sex. Includes pornographic sections.

Tel Aviv Shake
Dir: Dror Amsalem
Israel 2013, 4 min

Nude Dudes
Dir: Antonio De Silva
UK/Israel 2013, 7min, English with no subtitles
While attending TLVFEST in 2012, director Antonio De Silva documented different sexual encounters with Israeli men.

Dir: Antonio De Silva
UK 2013, 14min, English no subtitles
Red head men from the UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, Italy and Israel reveal in front of the camera what it means to be a ginger gay man and more.

Dir: Antonio De Silva
UK 2012, 10min, English no subtitles
A hidden camera documents the happenings in a public bathroom during a lunch break in the London financial district.

Dir: Wayne Yung
Germany 2011, 6min, English with no subtitles
A gay man talks about his body image in the Internet age.

Dir: Anton Z. Rizan
UK 2012, 3min, English with no subtitles
KUK is a celebration of male genitalia and the pleasure it can bring.

Dir: Filipe Afonso
Spain 2012, 11min, Spanish with English subtitles
Two hustlers complain about their job, a homeless hooker asks a passing young man for food. The young man’s partner waits in bed, planning to sleep with him one last time and leave him in the morning.

Tom’s Gift
Dir: Todd Verow, Charles Lam
USA 2012, 7min, English with no subtitles
Tom’s Gift used to be a porn video store and a cruising area on a farm in a rural land in Maine. Filmmakers bring back these memories thanks to the patrons’ stories.

Peter and the Wolf
Dir: Wes Hurley
USA 2012, 5:30min, English with no subtitles
A campy, pornographic, for adults only version for the “Peter and the Wolf” fable to the original soundtrack of Sergei Prokofiev‬.

Ride of Spring
Dir: Martin Lucas
Austria 2011, 9min, Germany with no subtitles
Spring arrives in Vienna and two construction workers are fixing up a big white apartment. A hammer will never look the same after you watch this film.