Press Release #1 – The Israeli Program

The 8th Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, June 8-17, 2013

Opening Film: World Premiere – Snails in the Rain
The first narrative feature film of documentary director Yariv Mozer (The Invisible Men)
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 8pm
The story of the opening film, “Snails in the Rain”, takes place in 1989 in Tel Aviv. Boaz, a young student who is applying for a master’s degree, receives obsessive love letters from an anonymous man. The letters undermines his peaceful life with his girlfriend, and leads him to question his sexual identity. The film is based on a short story by Yossi Avni-Levy, which was first published in “The Garden of Dead Trees”. The lead actors are Moran Rosenblatt (“Lipstikka”) and actor/model Yoav Reuveni. Admittance 18+ only.
In the opening ceremony, the winners of the script competition in honor of Amos Guttman will be announced. This is a joint project of the LGBT Film Festival and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation. The winners will receive funding to create a short films inspired by Amos Guttman’s life and work. These shorts will be combined into a full-length film in recognition of the 20-year anniversary of his death.

More in the festival: World premiere of “Bear With Me”, a film by Orly Buium, produced by Ari Davidovich. For the first time in the history of Israeli cinema, the funny and touching story of a group of Tel Avivian bears (large and hairy gay men) is brought to the big screen. The screening is in cooperation with Yes Doco.
The festival will also screen the national premiere of “Undressing Israel: Gays in the Promised Land”, a joint production of Yariv Mozer and American-Israeli filmmaker Michal Lucas. In the movie, Lucas interviews famous Israeli, including Knesset member Nitzan Horowitz, Ivri Lider, Eytan Fox, Etai Pinkas, Yonatan Gatro, Eliad Cohen, Chader Abu-Saif, and more. Throughout the interviews, Lucas reveals the truth about the gay community in Israel.

Short Film Competition
For the 7th time, the festival will hold a short film competition, in which 19 films will participate. These include “In Praise of the Day”, by and starring Oren Adaf, which depicts a young man hanging out in Independence Garden on a Friday afternoon, and looking for a one-night stand that will help him call his Orthodox parents before Shabbat. “Dina and Noel” by Sivan Levy (“Six Acts”) and Natalie Melamed, and starring Sivan Levy, portrays some very unusual young people. Both films premiered in the last Berlinale.
Other premieres in the competition: “Adam”, by Segev Gershon Green, starring Michal Yannai, is about a mother who is unaware that her son faces hate crimes in his high school. “Barely Love”, by Nadav Mishali, and starring Ruby Porat Shoval, is about an Orthodox young man whose mother does not accept that he is gay, and tries to match him with women. Another film about match-making, “Zazaland”, is a Georgian comedy with a twist, directed by Maayan Cohen and starring Irit Natan Benedek and Rinat Matatov.
More films in the competition: “Who Are You?” by Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum, starring Hagar Ben Asher, is about a young woman who is a voyeur. “Summer Vacation”, by Sharon Maimon and Tal Granit, starring Yiftach Klein, Oded Leopold and Hila Vidor, is about a summer vacation that has gone out of control. And the documentary, “Grace”, by Michal Aharonson, is about a Filipina who started her family in Israel and is torn between her partner, who wants to return to the Philippines, and her children, who want to serve in the army.
YouTube Collection

A collection of films that were uploaded to YouTube in the last year will now have their big screen premiere. Among the films are four super-short documentaries by Arava Gal, from the internet series “Pride”. In each episode, she focuses on the story of a different young lesbian. Short films from the series “Imaginary Encounters”, by Mysh, and starring Jason Denino Holt, portray gay encounters in a poetic Japanese style. In addition, animation and music videos will be screened.

The first season of the breakthrough TV series “Mom and Dads”, by Avner Bernheimer, will be screened in four parts on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The final part will include a panel with the creators, actors and leaders in the LGBT community.
Another event will be a meeting Tomer and Barak Heymann, which will present selected episodes from their new documentary series “Families”. Participants in the series will attend the event.

During the week, there will be afternoon screening of Israeli films from the last few years: “Haim and Adam”, “Lies in the Closet”, “Family Time”, “The Invisible Men”, “All Happy Mornings”, and more.
On June 13th, the festival will host, for the first time, an international conference of LGBT filmmakers from around the world. During the conference, there will be panels and lectures featuring festival guests. The conference will also include the narrative and documentary pitching competitions hosted by the Rabinovich Foundation, the short script competition, and more.

The International LGBT Film Festival will take place time for the 8th time in Tel Aviv Cinematheque, the GLBT Center in Gan Meir, and in Tel-Hai College, from June 8-17, 2013.
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