Special Screening: Antarctica

Tel Aviv Cinematheque – 2 Sprinzak st.
Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
Wednesday, 22 May, 22:00

Runtime: 110 min
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles.

Director: Yair Hochner
Cast: Dvir Benedek, Guy Zo-Aretz, Liat Akta, Lucy Dubinchik, Miss Laila Carry, Ofer Regirer, Oshri Sahar, Rivka Neuman, Tomer Ilan, Yael Deckelbaum, Yiftach Mizrahi, Yuval Raz

Antarctica follows the physical, spiritual and emotional journeys of a group of gays and lesbians in the non-stop city of Tel Aviv. The movie opens with an unrelentingly graphic multi-screen visceral and visual assault as it depicts a week or month in the nocturnal life of Boaz (hunky Ofer Regirer), clean-cut businessman by day, one night stand sex-maniac by night, who prides himself on the line: “You know how many guys I bring back here?” One hook-up, in particular, jars him. Danny (Yiftach Mizrahi), a sweet, troubled teen, stops Boaz mid-petting and asks if they should talk first, or have coffee.

3 Years Later the mosaic-like plot kicks into high gear as we meet the wonderful cast of characters: Omer (Tomer Ilan), a shy librarian about to hit a milestone: his thirtieth birthday; Omer&supl;s harried lesbian sister Shirley (Lucy Dubinchik) and her on-again/off again girlfriend (Liat Ekta) who owns the local bar; Omer&supl;s slutty friend Miki (Yuval Raz), who cyber-connects with smoldering journalist Ronen (Guy Zo-Aretz) and best-selling author and past-alien-abductee Matilda Rose (Rivka Neuman).

All the characters are hoping for a change, waiting for the light – the light that will thaw their frozen hearts.

“If The Bubble and its director Eytan Fox have made you think some of the best LGBT filmmaking is being done in Israel, Yair Hochner’s Antarctica will completely convince you.” San Francisco Chronicle

“It has the most attractive ensemble cast of any movie at Outfest this year and the sex scenes are so explicit that it was (almost) enough to make me blush.” LA Daily News

“Antarctica is one of the best examples of how to film sex scenes that appeal to a discerning audience . . . The scenes have burning passion without being excessive.” CineQueer

“To be blunt, Yair Hochner&supl;s Antarctica is one of the most striking and original films I have seen in a long time.” NewYorkCool.com