Midnight Screening: The Endless Possibility of Sky

Tel Aviv Cinematheque – 5 Haarbaa st.
Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
Friday, 26 April, Midnight

Dir: Todd Verow
The new film from underground director Todd Verow will take you on a journey of sex and drugs. Drew, a young man from a small town arrives at the big city and finds himself in the surreal world of Mistress DaTina who manages an alternative sex club where sex and drugs are inseparable. At a place deplete of daylight mingle men who lust after the quick satisfaction of their sexual and narcotic desires. One of them is homeless Rob who uses the men to sleep under their roof; or Christian who needs this sex den to enjoy sex without anyone asking him for his HIV status. Lacking a real budget, Verow creates an independent and daring work about New York’s alternative sex word and the men who inhabit it. Explicit sex and graphic violence scenes.
18+ years old.
USA, 2012, 85min; English without subtitles.