TLVFest at Shpagat Bar

Sunday, February 3, 20:30, 43 Nahalat Binyamin Tel Aviv
Free admission. 18+ years old only for pornographic content.

The shorts of Travis Mathews

In Their Room
Dir: Travis Mathews
A documentary in which director Travis Mathews follows eight different men in their bedrooms in San Francisco. From the most banal to the most erotic he creates a mirror image of ourselves in current times. (USA 2009, 20 min; English without subtitles)

I Want Your Love
Dir: Travis Mathews
Perhaps the most human and emotional sex scene since “Shortbus,” two friends meet for a soul chat that lead them to having sex. What starts as yet another hook up becomes a profound emotional and exciting encounter. (USA 2010, 14 min; English without subtitles)

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The shorts of Boaz Foster

Dir: Boaz Foster
Yotam finds out that his ticket to glory comes with a heavy price. (14:30 min)
Fruit Salad
Dir: Boaz Foster A recipe for the perfect relationship. (4:40 min, 2011)