TLVFest Movie Club:
Mommy is Coming

Friday, December 21 , Midnight
Tel Aviv Cinematheque
General tickets available at the Cinematheque box office – 03-6060800 ext. 0

Dir: Cheryl Dunye
They say a sense of humor is a very sexy thing. Director Cheryl Dunye tries to do the impossible and create a lesbian comedy that is also sexy and even pornographic. The outcome is an unapologetic film in the genre of classic romantic comedies. Dylan, is a young Berlinerwoman who jumps from one sexual adventure to the next and on the way hugely ill-treats her partner, Claudia, a hotel receptionist. Claudia’s mother, Helen, arrives in Berlin after a sexless, loveless relationship where she meets Claudia. Helen is certain it’s a guy and Claudia enjoys the attention without knowing she is really sleeping with her partner’s mother. A comedy of errors with queer pornographic scenes with an ending that will make you pee your pants.
Germany/USA, 2012, 68 min; English without subtitles. Explicit scenes. 
2012 Berlin Film Festival
2012 London BFI LGBT Film Festival.
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