TLVFest Movie Club
An Evening in Honor of Dan Lachman

Dan Lachman (22 April 1941 – 6 September 2012) was one of the founders of the Aguda in 1975 (Human Privacy Rights Committee). He served as one of its members since 1976 and took part in the editing of the first LGBT magazine in the Hebrew language, “Reish Gali.” Some time after that he also helped starting another magazine “Nativ Nossaf.” in 1977, he founded “Kav Lavan” (“White Line”), a phone support line for gays, lesbians and their parents. In 1975, he joined forces with Amos Gutman, and together they wrote scripts for short films “Safe Place”, “Nagu’a” (the short), and “Another Shadow” with Ron Assulin. In 1985, after returning from the United States he founded the Committee to Fight AIDS to cope with the spreading of the plague. And in 1990 he initiated the Center to Assist Victims of Sexual Abuse after many years of volunteering for Eran (Psychological First Aid).

This evening will feature two films:

Gay in a Day (Israel 2012)
Directed and Edited by Yair Hochner and Anat Salomon
TLVFest called upon LGBT individuals to document themselves on 11.11.2011. Materials were edited into a fascinating and rich hour of human mosaic about the variety of voices in the Israeli LGBT community. The goal of the project was to give these individuals the opportunity to show what it means to them to be gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual, in today’s Israel. Film features Dan Lachman.
(60 min. Hebrew with Hebrew and English subtitles)

Drifting (Nagu’a)
Directed by Amos Gutman
With Ze’ev Shimshoni, Boaz Turgeman, Yossi Blonka
The story of Doron, a young man torn between his attempts to lead a normal life with a woman and his homosexual tendencies. A film that caused a scandal in its time. It’s the short that preceded the feature in which Gutman finalized his visual language. Script was co written by Dan Lachman.
(25 min; Hebrew with English subtitles)

Wednesday, 14.11.12, 21:00 Tel Aviv Cinematheque
All tonight’s proceedings will be donated to the Short Script Prize in the name of Dan Lachman which will be awarded during TLVFEST in June 2013.
35, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 NIS
There will be no free admission. Cinematheque subscribers are eligible for a 20NIS admission.
Tickets via phone 03-6060800 x0