Commemorating Gad Beck – Screening of “Paragraph 175”

Gad Beck, a gay Jewish survivor of the Shoa, passed away in Berlin on June 24, 2012. He was one of the survivors portrayed in the acclaimed documentary “Paragraph 175” about the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

Gad grew up in Berlin. As the child of a mixed marriage, he was not deported. He remained in Berlin, where he joined the underground, helping Jews to escape to Switzerland. In his autobiography “An Underground Life – Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Berlin” (1995), he recalls wearing a Hitler Youth uniform into a pre-deportation camp to save his lover, Manfred Lewin, who had been arrested and detained. When outside the building, Manfred declined, saying, “Gad, I can’t go with you. My family needs me. If I abandon them now, I could never be free.” After the war, Gad Beck helped organize the emigration of Jewish survivors to Palestine. In 1947 he left for Palestine, and returned to Berlin in 1979.

Please join us for this commemoration and screening!

Free admission! Screening of English version!
July 9 2012 20:00 – LGBT Center, Gan Meir Tel Aviv

In Cooperation with TLVFest – International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Israel Gay Youth, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Gay Center and Goethe Institut Israel.